What To Wear At Funerals?

Funerals are a sad moment. The funeral ceremony helps you to accept the reality of life. It gives evidence to the deceased’s life, motivating the expression of sorrow in a way that is related to cultural values. One should dress up properly according to the surrounding environment. In many cases, dressing for the funeral occasion totally depends upon the lifestyle of a deprived family. To show respect and sympathy with bereaved ones, we must adopt the traditional ritual. So What to wear at Funerals?

This article will elaborate the different funeral arrangements according to the family’s traditional, cultural, and religious beliefs. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Different Funeral Dressing in Different Religions

There is a wide variety of dresses for different religious funerals. Some of the most notable are mentioned below.

  1. Wearing Clothes at Hindu Funerals

Hindus wear simple and reactionary clothes at the funeral. The dressing should be white but not modern and fashionable. The knees, shoulders, head and arms of women has covered. You can wear open sandals and minimum fallalry. The very important thing you must keep in mind, is to offer your condolences and prayers to the sorrowful family with full respect.

  1. Wearing Clothes at Muslim Funerals

The casual attire at Muslim funerals is mostly moderate. Men should wear a trouser and half sleeves shirt whereas women must wear a high neck shirt and full-length skirt with prolonged sleeves. Putting on a headscarf is necessary for them. Before offering prayer, shoes has removed, so wearing neat and clean socks is very useful.

  1. Wearing Clothes at Christian Funeral

Individuals are quite expected to dress up in dark colors according to the tradition of Christians. With clean patterns, men should wear a business suit in dark colors, and formal shoes has worn with the dress. Besides, half sleeved shirts, flip-flops, jeans and sneakers are not allowed. Hats are frequently worn but are not compulsory. Women can wear casual dresses like suits with pants. Wearing dark colors in Christian funerals is a fine choice. It is good if most of the body has covered and very little makeup applied.

  1. Wearing Clothes at Buddhist Funeral:

According to the Buddhist point of view, the grievers expects to wear simple clothes. In accordance with the religion followed, you should wear white or black color clothing. It is good to consult with a family or funeral service provider before deciding what to wear in a Buddhist funeral.

  1. Wearing Clothes at a Jewish Funeral

Dresses of Jewish funerals vary. Formal and casual attire such as suits of dark or black colors and business dresses are considered suitable. Wearing a sweater or shrug as a layer is also a part of their culture. Men must wear a skullcap, especially during prayers, as part of their tradition.


Lastly, all above mentioned funeral dresses must be proven helpful for you and your relatives. Funeral services are important because funerals offer hope and continuity for the living. Our Funeral service provides a support system for your family members, friends and community.

We give a healing touch and meaningful funeral arrangements that will allow you to take a good start on the healing process.

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