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You may also want to preserve the body of your loved one. It is quite natural to feel that day. Some people also mention it in their will. For some, it has to do with their religious beliefs.

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Freezer Box in MG–Road

The only thing that is certain about life is death. It can happen at any time, anywhere. There may be times when someone close to you dies, and you may not be around them? You may be in a different city or country. There may be a time when we need to take the dead body to the native place for the last rites. In such circumstances, the freezer box service is necessary. It ensures that the body does not contaminate with time. At times we have to wait for all the family members to assemble for last rites. In this situation, the freezer box helps to preserve the dead body for long. Freezer box helps retain the freshness of the dead body, and it allows everyone to have the last glimpse of their loved one. It is also useful for hospitals and nursing homes, and they can also avail of our services.

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The Steps of Repatriation of Mortal Remains Include:

1. Clearance from hospital authorities.

2. Obtain a police NOC: Obtain a police NOC in the format for blood relatives or custodians.

3. Obtain a packing/embalming certificate – Get a packing certificate and coffin & embalming certificate from the mortuary.

4. Get the airway bill /cargo booking

Crematoriums Near MG – Road

1. Banashankari Crematorium

Address : 67, near 67, Banashankari, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560070 – 12 km from Jayanagar.

2. Wilson Garden Electric Crematorium

Address: Kengal Hanumanthaiah Circle, Hosur Main Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560027- 7.3 km from Jayanagar

3. Harishchandra Ghat (Electric Crematorium)

Address: 3062, Mahakavi Kuvempu Rd, Maruthi Extension, Ramamohanapuram, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560021 – 6.7 km from Jayanagar.

Hospitals in And Around MG-ROAD

Temples in MG-ROad

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What is Dead body freezer box?

Dead body freezer box is generally called as Mortuary box, dead body box, and dead body icebox. Freezer Box used to preserve the deceased body from decomposition for a few hours.

Why Freezer Box is used for?

The Freezer boxes designed for dead body preservation, It has a cabinet to place the human remains the temperature will be maintained in a freezing level so the body.

When typically Freezer box will be used?

Freezer Box will be necessary for storing the human remains for more than 24 hours. Due to various reasons family members will postpone the cremation on that time freezer box will be used to store the body and it avoids body decomposing.

Where do we typically use dead body freezer box?

Mainly people use freezer box in two situations

  • While transferring the body between the states.
  • when cremation process will be postponed.

How does freezer box avoid contamination?

There are two variety of freezer box

  • Portable freezer box
  • Fixed to dead body van. Freezer boxes built with stainless steel or glass it will avoid the contamination.

What is the Cost for Dead Body Freezer Box per day?

Freezer box cost will majorly depends on

  • Type of freezer box
  • Number of days for the freezer box requirement.
  • Distance.
Is dead body freezer box cleaned after every use?

Yes, all the professional freezer box providers like Anthyesti funeral services clean the freezer box after every use and sanitize the complete freezer box or freezer box fitted dead body van.

Does the dead body freezer box come with the stretcher?

No, generally freezer box will not be having stretchers, it is designed with wheelbase for easy portability.

Will the dead body freezer box have power backup?

No, portable freezer will be connected directly and also generator is used as a power back up.

Can we Pre-book a dead body freezer box?

Yes, Anthyesti funeral services, provides all kind of opportunity for pre-book the freezer box services. You just have to confirm the service with required details.