Cremation Services in Hindu Smashan Bhumi

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We offer a personal touch to the funeral services so that you don’t need to worry about the arrangements. We help families pay respectful tribute to their loved ones with different funeral and memorial services.

Cremation Services in Hindu Smashan Bhumi

Anthyesti Funeral Services is dedicated to providing compassionate and culturally sensitive cremation services in Hindu Smashan Bhumi, ensuring a dignified and solemn farewell for your departed loved ones. Located in a serene and sacred atmosphere, the Hindu Smashan Bhumi offers a tranquil setting for families to bid their final farewells.

Understanding the profound importance of Hindu funeral customs and rituals, Anthyesti's committed team caters to the specific needs of grieving families during this challenging time. Cremation services in Hindu Smashan Bhumi is equipped with modern facilities, upholding the highest standards of cleanliness and efficiency, ensuring a respectful and smooth cremation process.

Anthyesti Funeral Services strives to ease the emotional burden on grieving families by handling all aspects of the cremation ceremony with professionalism and empathy. From documentation to the actual cremation process, our experienced staff guides you through each step, providing a seamless and compassionate farewell.

Recognizing the individuality of each farewell, Anthyesti tailors its services to accommodate diverse preferences and traditions within the Hindu customs. Our unwavering commitment to delivering compassionate and reliable cremation services in Hindu Smashan Bhumi ensures that your loved ones receive a heartfelt and culturally appropriate send-off. In times of sorrow, let Anthyesti Funeral Services be your supportive companion, offering solace and understanding during this difficult period.

We provide end to end Cremation Services in Hindu Smashan Bhumi

Complete cremation services in Hindu Smashan Bhumi offers pandit/priest service available throughout India. We have a team of professionals that will stand by you during this tough time and help you make sense of it all. To provide your loved one the best burial possible, the anthyesti staff is committed to respecting your sentiments and expectations. Members of our team will be present to assist and prepare everything for you.

What cremation services in Hindu Smashan Bhumi offers

The services required to plan and conduct cremation services from beginning to end are provided by Hindu Smashan Bhumi. These are all the different kinds of help we offer:

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Cremation services in Hindu Smashan Bhumi Documents Requirements

Cremation Process

what to do once you reach the "cremation ground"?


Very good service provided by Anthyesti. Very caring and professional approach at a time when the family is distressed. They also provided contacts for services not related to their line of removal of pacemaker etc. Very satisfied with them. Specially Ashish, the Manager, has been a source of strength during our bereavement. God Bless them all.

TJ Mookerjee Kolkata

Very good service provided by Anthyesti. Very caring and professional approach at a time when the family is distressed. They also provided contacts for services not related to their line of removal of pacemaker etc. Very satisfied with them. Specially Ashish, the Manager, has been a source of strength during our bereavement. God Bless them all.

TJ Mookerjee Kolkata

Very professional service, with prompt and polite staff. However, I found the cost for flowers to be put on the hearse to be quite exhorbitant, and therefore arranged for that myself. Also, the calls to post review of services should ideally be made at a later time, not when the family is grieving. On the whole, a mostly satisfactory experience.

Chirag Basu Kolkata, India

Anthyesti did a wonderful job in transporting the mortal remains of my late brother-in-law from abroad to Gobindpur. We were initially expecting the body and Bhubaneswar airport but also wanted support till a remote location in Orissa and they finished the last mile without any hassles. God bless the whole team including Abhishek and the Delhi team

Dev Das Gobindpur

Booked for a ambulance for my beloved baby daughter last rites. Anthyesti helped me in all the end to end services including booking gate pass in crematorium and priest along with materials required for rituals. Need to really thank you guyz a lot.

Mohd Shehraj Khan Pune

I was looking for a end to end cremation in Delhi in Punjabi ghat crematorium. Anthyesti gave us a excellent service from door step till the crematorium including priest, flower decoration, hearse van etc. Our family is very satisfied with their services

Aman Tiwari Delhi, India

A very professional team.. all employees sensitised for proactive approach. Charges are very nominal. Services cater to all cultures, & the team demonstrates very good working knowledge of different traditions. Website very informative and easy to use & transact.

Sriram Ramadurai Pune, India

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What is Hindu Smashan Bhumi?

Hindu Smashan Bhumi is a traditional cremation ground where the last rites and cremation ceremonies for Hindus are conducted.

What documents are required for cremation in Mumbai?
The Cause of Death Certificate is necessary for cremating the body. The crematorium has to record the details and give a receipt on cremation, which acts as another valid document. In case of a burial ground, the Cause of Death Certificate is required, along with an identification card of the dead person.
What is the process of cremation in Mumbai?
Crematoriums offer a range of services to families, including:
  • Transportation of the deceased from the place of death to the crematorium.
  • Preparation of the body for cremation.
  • Use of the cremation chamber.
  • Processing of the ashes.
  • Supply of an urn or container for the ashes.
Why choose Anthyesti Funeral Services for cremation in Hindu Smashan Bhumi?

Anthyesti Funeral Services ensures compassionate and dignified cremation services, guiding families through the process with care and sensitivity.

What is the significance of cremation in Hinduism?

They see the body as a prison for the soul, one that generates attachments and desires that prevent forward progress towards freedom. Therefore, in Hindu funerals, the role of cremation is to sever the ties of the soul to the body that it is leaving, freeing it to move toward mukti.

What services does Anthyesti provide at Hindu Smashan Bhumi?

Anthyesti offers end-to-end services, including documentation assistance, arrangement of cremation materials, and adherence to customs and rituals.

What is cremation temperature?
1,400 to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit
While cremating a person’s body, a crematory will usually set the temperature inside of a cremation chamber to be anywhere from 1,400 to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. As you might imagine, this can play a huge part in how fast a person is cremated.
What is the cost of cremation in Mumbai?
Just doing cremation in the crematorium varies with each local body of the government as low as 200rs to 2000rs (Few of the Local Govt. Bodies also give free cremation services), other activities such as transportation, pujas & rituals etc. will be added to this cost.
Are the cremation facilities at Hindu Smashan Bhumi equipped with modern amenities?

Yes, Anthyesti ensures that the cremation facilities uphold high standards of cleanliness and efficiency, providing a peaceful environment.

What should I do in case of an immediate need for cremation services?

Contact Anthyesti’s emergency helpline [provide contact details] for immediate assistance and guidance during this challenging time.