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Everything About Mortuary Freezer Box Used For Storing Dead Bodies 

When an individual breathes their last, the family and friends go through an inexplicable emotional breakdown. In such moments of disbelief and desperation, it gets tough to think of anything else, but things must move ahead. Anthyesti can help the mourning family with plenty of assistance like freezer boxes, funeral flowers, dead body ambulance service in ballygunge, etc. It is indispensable to perform the last rites and follow other rituals.

However, all such ceremonies are usually performed in the daytime or other specific time according to particular religious views. If the demise had occurred at night, it becomes necessary to make arrangements for storing the dead body safely. There might also be some other reasons why it may become imperative to keep the body before performing the final rites. One of such reasons could be to preserve the body till the dear ones come for the last meeting. This is when we at Anthyesti can provide freezer box service as soon as possible.

A dead body is bound to start decaying after some time. If not buried or burnt (or disposed of as per the religious views), it will begin to smell bad. Leaving the dead body at room temperature will be adverse for the body and people. Thus, storing the body until the last rites in lower temperatures becomes necessary. Such storage is best done with a mortuary freezer box for dead bodies having the suitable temperature to prevent dead bodies decay.

We ensure sending freezer boxes manufactured by the certified makers only. Contact our team so that we can send a freezer box as per the budget and requirements. It may cost something between 5000- 10,000 INR.

Book other relatable services with us if required as and when needed. We offer help through our crematoriums service, dead body carrier service, ambulance service in ballygunge, and more.