When you Pre Planning Funerals, you will be the one making choices and choosing the type of service, thus relieving your family of the burden of arranging things at the last minute !!!

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Know the Importance of  will planning
  • Your Preferences will be honored

  •  Safe custody of gifts and memories to your spouse, children, friends.
  •  Choice of location for disposal of ashes.
  •  Choice of a certain song to be played.
  •  Do you wish to donate your organs?
  •  Do you wish to feed 100 people as a part of your last wish?
  • Avoid legal Court issues

    •  If you don’t have a will, your assets are distributed as per your religion’s succession law.
    •  A will is the simplest way to distribute your legacy as per your wishes.
    •  Avoid your children from running around the courts.
    •  Choose what will go to whom.


Choose a plan that best suits your needs



Book your last ride



  •  Standard double cabin AC Hearse Van
  •  Simple decoration
  •  Two funeral helpers



Wait for your loved ones


PRICE– 10,999 INR

  •  Home preservation / mortuary (24 hours)
  •  Delux AC hearse van
  •  Two funeral helpers



Plan your last rites


PRICE– 19,999 INR

  •  Home preservation / mortuary (24 hours)
  •  Delux AC hearse van
  •  Shraadh Priest Services


add on services

Ultimate custom detailing of your package

  • You can customize your hearse van decoration (Standard / Delux/ Extravagant)
  • We make the process of will writing and execution simple and hassle-free
  • Safe custody of memories , letters and favourite stuff that you wanted to pass on to your loved ones
  • Assistance in organizing grief relief satsangs, Brahmin Bhojans, Holy book recitations
  • Your wish to donate your organs post-demise shall be honoured
  • Additional funeral helpers can be arranged for a grand farewell.

Pre-plan Your Final Journey with Anthyesti Funeral Services

In our country, when a loved one leaves for the heavenly abode, the families arrange and plan for the funeral and last rites. But the scenario is changing. In the west, people pre-plan their funeral services as per their choice, and this option is now available in our country, as well.

With Anthyesti, you can now plan your own funeral in advance. This may come as a bit of a surprise, but planning funeral arrangements in advance can relieve your family from the responsibility of making the arrangements at the hour of grief. You can also make the financial arrangements in advance so that you can support your family even after you are gone.

Thinking why you must opt for pre-arranged funeral plans? Let’s discuss it at length. The first and foremost reason is that pre-arranging the services gives you an opportunity to make the choices on your own. Everyone has some preferences for the type of funeral they want, and pre-planning helps in making your last wishes come true. Some people want a specific flower or a specific coffin for their last rite. With pre-planning, all these wishes can be honoured.

Pre-planning the funeral service gives you a chance to….

  • Keep the gifts for friends and family in safe custody.
  • Choose the location for the disposal of remains.
  • Choose the song that you wish to be played.
  • Let your family know about your wish to donate organs.
  • Decide the number of people you want to feed.

Funeral pre-planning also helps in preventing legal issues once you are gone.

  • You can get the will made and kept safe so that your legacy is distributed as per your wishes.
  • Your children and family will not have to run around the court, and unnecessary disputes will be avoided.
  • You can choose what asset goes to whom.

All you need to do is connect with our team for pre planning funeral services. They will discuss the types of services and packages available.

  • You can choose the dead body van you want along with the type of decoration you want for the van- standard/ deluxe/ extravagant.
  • The procedure of will writing and execution can be simplified by us.
  • We keep your memories, letters, and gifts in safe custody so that it can be passed on to loved ones once you are gone.
  • We offer assistance in organizing Satsangs, Brahmin Bhojans, Holy book recitations, and other ceremonies based on your wish.

This might be a novel concept for many people, but it is actually beneficial for both the deceased person and the mourning family. It has been observed that the family finds it emotionally challenging to deal with the grief, and making the arrangements for the funeral on top of that can be difficult.

We at Anthyesti Funeral Services believe that the last wishes of every individual should be honoured. Our team strives to give their best for making your wishes come true.