Freezer Box in Nehru Place

Freezer Box in Nehru Place

The only thing that is certain about life is death. It can happen at any time, anywhere. There may be times when someone close to you dies, and you may not be around them? You may be in a different city or country. There may be a time when we need to take the dead body to the native place for the last rites. In such circumstances, the freezer box service is necessary. It ensures that the body does not contaminate with time.

At times we have to wait for all the family members to assemble for last rites. In this situation, the freezer box helps to preserve the dead body for long. Freezer box helps retain the freshness of the dead body, and it allows everyone to have the last glimpse of their loved one. It is also useful for hospitals and nursing homes, and they can also avail of our services.

A funeral service is quite intricate, with a lot of details to handle. We at Anthyesti, offer end-to-end services, which also includes a dead body freezer service. We, at Anthyesti, will make sure that everything goes in order, right from the transportation to the Hindu ceremonies. You may also want to preserve the body of your loved one. It is quite natural to feel that on that day. Some people also mention it in their will. For some, it has to do with their religious beliefs. If you plan to preserve the body, you can ask for a dead body freezer box in Nehru Place, New Delhi. Anthyesti promises optimal freezing, ensuring that the body is intact.

You can make the dead body freezer box booking on our website.

Apart from freezer box services, we also provide repatriation of human remains from other countries. There is a lot of documentation and clearances a body has to go through for transporting it to the loved ones. We will do it all for you at a very affordable price range. Our embalming team will also do the needful to make sure that the packaging conditions are optimal for transfer by air, rail, or road.

Price of Freezer Box

The prices of a freezer box will range between INR 5000 and 10000. However, a regular freezer box will cost you around INR 4500.

Types of Freezer Box
  1. Grand Crown Freezer: 
  • Ideal for high profile prestigious families
  • Mirror finish stainless steel with Crown Design
  • Unique model LED light arrangement for better viewing
  • Best engineered for best cooling for a longer time
  • Spacious and roomy
  • Clean and Bright view
  1. King Size Freezer:
  • Double cot size
  • High-quality stainless steel freezer
  • Ample space
  • For the elite, high profile celebrities
  • Elegant look
  • Well-engineered and designed for long hours of cooling
  • Smell free preservation
  1. VVIP Freezer
  • High-quality stainless steel freezer
  • Designed for longer span preservation of the body
  • Inner chamber provides generous space
  • Uniform and best cooling
  • Smell free preservation
  • VVIP Look
  1. VIP Freezer
  • Designed with best cooling ability
  • Helps preservation of the body for a longer time.
  • High-quality stainless steel freezer
  • Smell-free preservation.
  1. Regular small freezer
  • Designed with best cooling ability
  • Helps preservation of the body for a longer time.
  • High-quality stainless steel freezer
  • Smell-free preservation.
  1. Maharaja Sitting freezer
  • Designed with best cooling ability
  • Helps preservation of the body for a longer time.
  • High-quality stainless steel freezer
  • Smell-free preservation.

Embalming is a procedure that preserves the body for several days. It helps to keep the body fresh and restores the restful appearance of the person. It is a requirement when the body has to be transported by air or by train.

At times when some family members are not around, and the family has to wait for them for the last rites, then embalming is helpful. Also, in case of a death abroad in case of repatriation, embalming is necessary.

Anthyesti also provides embalming services. We have expert embalmers who take care of the embalming process. It prevents you from worrying about the decay of the body.

Embalming also helps the ones who arrive late to have the final glimpse of their loved one as they had seen them when they were alive.

Embalming is a chemical and surgical process, which is minimally invasive, and it takes several hours to perform it.

With Anthyesti, you can rest assured of the best outcome. If you request a freezer box, we will send the best embalmers to your doorstep to carry out the process. Trust us with our methods because we do everything by the book, which makes our procedures 100% approved and safe.

Ambulance Services:  Anthyesti

Anthyesti also provides dead body ambulance services or hearse van services.  We provide ambulance for medical emergencies as well.  You can call on the above number for ambulance services as well.

Besides Anthyesti freezer boxes, there are following crematoriums, hospitals, and temples around Nehru Place, which you may need to know about if you live in or around Nehru Place.

Crematoriums near Nehru Place:
  1. Cremation Ground – 1.2 Km from Nehru Place
Hospitals in and around Nehru Place:
  1. Triton Hospital – 2.4 Km
  2. Apollo Cradle Maternity & Children’s Hospital – 1.4 Km
  3. National Heart Institute – 1.7 Km
  4. SCI IVF Hospital – 1.2 Km
  5. Apollo Spectra Hospital – 1.6 Km
  6. Fortis C-Doc Hospital – 1.2 Km
  7. Poornima Sethi Multi Speciality Hospital – 2.9 Km
  8. Irene Hospital – 2.9 Km
  9. Aashlok Hospital – 7.2 Km
  10. Sukhda Hospital – 1.8 Km
  11. Phoenix Hospitals – 1.3 Km
  12. Eden Hospital - 2.4 Km
  13. RG Stone Hospital – 1.6 Km
Temples in Nehru Place:
  1. Shiv Temple Nehru Place
  2. Prachin Bhairav Mandir
  3. ISKCON Temple
  4. Shri Kalka Ji Temple
  5. Lotus Temple
  6. Shri Raghunath Mandir
  7. Shri Hanuman Mandir
  8. Kailash Temple