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How to Make Your Last Rite Memorable?

The pandemic made us realize that life is very uncertain, and you will never come to know what will happen to you next. Losing the dear one is one of the most heart-breaking moments in anyone’s life. But still, it is a hard reality that everyone needs to face. Although no person can do anything […]

How to Choose the Right Funeral Services?

The hard reality of life is that every person around us has to leave this place and go away. Sometimes, when such a situation comes to the person, it becomes very difficult to handle them well. The family of the deceased person might be in great sorrow, and they can’t overcome it instantly. But the […]

Rituals and Customs of a Hindu Funeral

Each religion has its own set of customs and traditions to be followed at the time of marriage, childbirth, and death. Respecting the traditions of each religion is important. The Hindu funeral traditions and customs involve various steps and guidelines to be followed. We look below at some of the rituals of a Hindu funeral […]