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Saying a final goodbye to your desist loved one is very important for you to move on in life. Some also believe that it allows the soul to find peace in the other world.

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Get Dead Body Ambulance services in Beliaghata from Anthyesti

Life and death are the truth of life, but it is never easy for people to accept the death of a loved one. It leaves the family grieving and in immense pain. There is so much that needs to be done after a loved one leaves for a heavenly abode, but the mind is clouded with sadness that families find it difficult to cope with the responsibilities. It is here that Anthyesti comes into the picture. We help the grieving families make all the arrangements for transporting the body of the loved ones and make arrangements for the funeral and memorial services. We are there to support the family of the deceased at every stage from beginning to end. Our aim is to help families in bidding peaceful and respectful goodbye to their loved ones.

Dead Body Ambulance Service in Entally

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Many people breathe their last in hospitals after fighting illness. The families need to take the deceased people to home for performing the last rituals. Our ambulance service in Kolkata can help in transporting the body from the hospital to your home across Kolkata in any location.

We have experienced and trustworthy drivers who ensure that the deceased person is transported comfortably. If required, the family members can also accompany in the ambulance with the deceased person.

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Crematoriums Near Beliaghata:

1. Nimtala Ghat Crematorium

Nimtala Ghat Crematorium – 6.9 km from Beliaghata.

2. Keoratola Mahasashan

Keoratola Mahasashan – 13 km from Beliaghata

3. Kashi Mitra Burning Ghat

Kashi Mitra Burning Ghat – 7.6 km from Beliaghata

Hospitals in and Around Beliaghata:

Temples in Beliaghata:

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