Ambulance Service in Alipore


Needed Types Of Services Offered Regarding Dead Body Handling

It takes a lot of courage to bear the loss of a dear friend or member of the family. One may not even be in the right state of mind to do anything else. However, it is significant to bid the deceased person goodbye by performing the needful rites. Sometimes, the family or other close people may need relatable services even before the funeral assistance. It can be about needing an ambulance service in alipore to transfer the dead body from one place to other. It can also be about storing it in a mortuary freezer box. At Anthyesti will take care of every task to be a constant supporter in such difficult phases.

Our services are available in Alipore and more cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Varanasi, Pune, and other parts of Kolkata. Here is a look into the various services we offer for lifeless bodies and funeral requirements.

  • Freezer Box- We understand that there might be a need to store the deceased person's body for some time. But, keeping it in the average temperature and setting can bring adverse situations like decaying, foul smell, etc. Thus, we can provide a suitable freezer box to store the dead body until essential.

Ambulance- It becomes necessary to move the dead body from hospital to home or funeral ground. Our professional drivers can help in such timely and safe commutations. Contact us for dead body ambulance service in aliporehearse van requirement, or airlifts. 

  • Crematorium- Understandably, one may want to hold the last rites of the person who passed away at a cremation place. Our team will make all the arrangements on behalf of the mourning family. We can suggest available halls and do other relatable tasks to make things easy.