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Anthyesti:We provide dead body transport by air, rail, and road.
Anthyesti: Carrying your loved ones to their last resting place!
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Death of a Loved One Is a Devastating Experience.


We provide dead body transport by air, rail, and road Anthyesti: Carrying your loved ones to their last resting place! In an Emergency Call: +919883318181 Death of a loved one is a devastating experience. At such times many people feel at a loss and do not know what to do. However, amidst all chaos, you will have to take the responsibility of conducting the last rites. At such times the dead body needs to be transported from one location to the other. Sometimes within the city, other times from one city to another city, and even from one country to another country. All this requires a lot of procedures and documentation. We at Anthyesti, provide dead body transport services of all types. When it comes to dead body transport services, we offer local vehicles in your city to help move the body from one location to another. You can also ask for freezer boxes, funeral helpers, hearse vans, and shraadh priests. Anthyesti will also provide customization options within the package, depending on your preference and need. For dead body transport, we also have hearse vans to be decorated as per your request. If you would want personal assistance, you can have a case manager to help you out with all the proceedings. Our transport facilities include inter-counter and inter-city options. If the body of your loved one is in a different country, you can trust us to bring the human remains back to you.


Types of Dead Body Transport Services Provided by Anthyesti


1. Dead body transport service by road:

We provide hearse van or dead body transport service to transport the dead body within the city. You can choose your decoration style. You can also ask for a case manager. We provide a comfortable inter-city transfer that starts from Rs. 3000/- to Rs. 10000/-. If one has to transport the body from one city to another, then we provide dead body transport by road, rail, or air. For transporting the dead body by road to another city, the dead body must be embalmed or kept in a freezer box.


2. Dead body transport service by air domestic:

We provide affordable dead body transport service by air from Pimple Saudagar, Pune, to anywhere in India. We provide services to obtain documents required for shipment of a dead body within India. It includes:

1. Obtaining a death certificate from the hospital, in case of post-mortem obtain a disposal order certificate

2. Obtaining a police NOC from the area where the hospital falls under the jurisdiction. Furnish the NOC format for blood relative if a blood relative is accompanying the deceased else uses the format for a custodian.

3. Go to the nearest funeral undertaker to obtain the packing, coffin, and embalming certificate.

4. Get the airway bill/booking of cargo, submit 6-7 copies of the above documents to the AWB section.


3. Dead body transport service by air International:

Transporting the human remains from abroad can be the most challenging process for anyone as it involves a lot of documentation and clearances. The trained executives at Anthyesti guide you in the paperwork and permissions needed in the transport of human remains from abroad. Our embalming team assures optimal packing conditions for safe transfer by air.


The Steps of International Repatriation of Mortal Remains Include:


1. Clearance from hospital authorities.

2. Death Certificate from the hospital.

a. Obtain the death certificate in the specific format, either from the hospital or from a qualified local.

b. In the case of post mortem, obtain a disposal order certificate.

c. Arrange for freezing at a mortuary

3. Obtain a police NOC: Obtain a police NOC in the format for blood relatives or custodians.

4. Obtain a packing/embalming certificate – Get a packing certificate and coffin & embalming certificate from the mortuary.

5. Get the airway bill /cargo booking

a. Report the documents to the AWB section at least 4 hours before the departure of the flight.

b. Submit at least 6-7 copies of the above document


4. Dead body transport service by rail:

The dead body can be transported via rail also within India. The procedure of the dead body transport is the same as that of the air. Anthyesti provides you with all the necessary arrangements for transporting the dead body via train.


Freezer Box Service: Anthyesti


A funeral service is quite intricate, with a lot of details to handle. We at Anthyesti, offer end-to-end services, which also includes a dead body freezer box service. We provide an ambulance with a freezer box as well.


Price of Freezer Box


The prices of a freezer box will range between INR 5000 and 10000. However, a regular freezer box will cost you around INR 4500.


Hearse Van Service: Anthyesti


Anthyesti also provides hearse van service besides the ambulance services to carry the dead body from hospital to home and from home to the crematorium.


Medical Emergency Ambulance Service: Anthyesti


Nobody can predict medical emergencies. In such a situation, the patient must be transported safely from home to the hospital. It needs professional guidance. Anthyesti provides the best medical emergency ambulance services that are affordable by all. We provide ambulance with Basic life support (BLS), AC ambulance with oxygen supply, and an ambulance with advanced life support (ALS). Besides Anthyesti dead body transport services, there are following crematoriums, hospitals, and temples around Pimple Saudagar, which you may need to know about if you live in or around Pimple Saudagar.




Embalming is a procedure that preserves the body for several days. It helps to keep the body fresh and restores the restful appearance of the person. It is a requirement when the body has to be transported by air or by train. At times when some family members are not around, and the family has to wait for them for the last rites, then embalming is helpful. Also, in case of a death abroad in case of repatriation, embalming is necessary. Anthyesti also provides embalming services. We have expert embalmers who take care of the embalming process. It prevents you from worrying about the decay of the body. Embalming also helps the ones who arrive late to have the final glimpse of their loved one as they had seen them when they were alive. Embalming is a chemical and surgical process, which is minimally invasive, and it takes several hours to perform it. With Anthyesti, you can rest assured of the best outcome. If you request a freezer box, we will send the best embalmers to your doorstep to carry out the process. Trust us with our methods because we do everything by the book, which makes our procedures 100% approved and safe.


Crematoriums Near Pimple Saudagar:

1.Kasarwadi Shamshan Bhumi – 3.3 Km from Pimple Saudagar

2.Electric Crematorium Pimpri – 3.7 Km from Pimple Saudagar

3.Aundh Shamshan Bhumi – 6.1 Km from Pimple Saudagar

4.Dapodi Cremation Ground – 6.1 Km from Pimple Saudagar


Hospitals in and Around Pimple Saudagar:

1.Lotus Multi-speciality Hospital – 400 m

2.Bharti Children & Cardio Diabetic Hospital – 1.6 Km

3.Maxcare Hospital Multispeciality & Critical Care Centre – 1.4 Km

4.Healing Touch Hospital – 700 m

5.Wellness Hospital – 1.2 Km

6.ONP Leela Hospital – 450 m

7.Apple Hospital – 3.1 Km

8.Omkar Khalane Hospital – 2.3 Km

9.Jupiter Hospital – 7.9 Km

10.Vighnaharta Multi-Speciality Hospital – 1.8 Km

Temples in Pimple Saudagar:

1.Mahadev Mandir

2.Shree Dutta Mandir

3.Shiv Temple

4.Sai Baba Temple

5.Kunjir Ganesh Temple

6.Shree Ganesh Mandir Vishal Nagar

7.Om Dattaraj Mandir

8.Vitthal Rukhmini Mandir

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