Procedure to Transfer the Deceased Through Air

Procedure to Transfer the Deceased Through Air The procedure for transferring deceased individuals through air provides families dealing with loss, especially when the death occurs in another location, a way to bring loved ones back home for their final resting place.

It is much easier to ship a body by mortuary rescue vehicle, and you need not bother with any paperwork. However, it is impossible to move the dead body by road for a long distance or to different countries. This is the point at which you have to consider body transport through the air.

What is the procedure to Transfer the deceased through Air?

  1. Contact the Airline: Notify the airline of your plan to transport a deceased individual. As each airline maintains its protocols and guidelines concerning the transportation of human remains, it’s crucial to reach out to them promptly during the initial stages of arrangements.

  2. Prepare the Deceased: Adequate preparation of the deceased for transportation is imperative. Typically, embalming is involved, although certain religions or cultural practices may require adherence to specific requirements. People usually place the body in a specialized casket designed for air travel.

    Procedure to Transfer the Deceased Through Air

    On flights, there are a few formalities for transporting a dead body from overseas:

    1. Contact the Relevant Authorities: It is crucial to embalm the dead body and pack it in a coffin box. Some well-known hospitals and medical science institutes also have this facility and can assist you in embalming and sealing a body in the coffin.
    2. Passenger flight ticket: Book your flight ticket in your hand at least 7-8 hours prior to departure. In order to get it done, there is a decent amount of time left for body embalming, sealing in the coffin box, and other essential papers. Also,  bear in mind that you have to report at least 3 hours before the actual flight time. If you opt for a dead body transport service, they will take care of these procedures.
    3. Necessary documents: The following documents are necessary to transport the dead body by air and should be rendered in English, and at least six photocopies of all of these documents are necessary.
    • Certificate of death from the appropriate hospital/medical authority. The hospital issues a certificate when a death occurs there.
    • A doctor’s name and seal.
    • The registration number and doctor’s seal. Without a doctor’s seal, credentials will be unacceptable at several locations.
    • The deceased person’s original passport or a photocopy of the revoked passport.
    • The initial embalming and packaging certificate issued by the Embassy should include the full name, age, and place of death of the deceased.
    • Local police NOC where the death has taken place (Police stamp is Mandatory)
    • Post-mortem Report
    • The co-passenger’s PNR flight number.
    • The dead body is packed and booked as regular cargo in a coffin. One person must fly on the same flight.
    • A certificate with the coffin.
    • One photo passport-sized

    You can book a dead body transportation service that includes embalming, Procedure to Transfer the Deceased Through Air coffin packaging, and emergency services with standard precautions at a better cost and timetable.

    After landing safely, the dead body can be shifted to the ritual dead body transport vehicle. 

    In summary,

    Transferring the deceased via air for anthyesti ceremonies, a significant Hindu ritual, Procedure to Transfer the Deceased Through Air demands careful planning, sensitivity, and compliance with regulations. It begins with securing legal documents and coordinating with the airline. Proper embalming and packaging are crucial for meeting standards and preserving dignity. Effective communication with the destination party is vital for a smooth transfer. Procedure to Transfer the Deceased Through AirRespect for religious customs and compassionate handling of family emotions are essential throughout. Executing these tasks with diligence and empathy honors the departed and supports their loved ones during this difficult time. 

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