Things To Keep In Mind While Shipping The Dead Body

It is not uncommon for people to die away from home while they are away. It can be challenging and costly to get the deceased back home from a different state or country, and you cannot do it alone. Here are ten things to know about how it works to ship a dead body.

You can’t arrange air transport for a dead body all on your own

Most airlines transport dead bodies, but you will have to work with a dead body carrier service company.

The body will be carried in the cargo hold

The dead body carrier company will place the deceased in a specialized container and will place the body in the airplane’s cargo hold. They will also take care of getting the container to the funeral home at the destination.

It can be costly to ship a dead body

The cost of transporting a dead body will depend on the transportation distance, weight, and method. You will have to buy a container and other services, in addition to the cost of the trip. For an international shipment, the cost may be even higher.

The cheapest way for a dead body to move is to drive it

The actual cost is calculated by weight and miles if you hire a dead body carrier. If you want to transport the body all by yourself, make sure you check the laws in the state in which you are moving the body.

Some states require the body to be embalmed or refrigerated if it needs to enter its state

 Be aware of the different requirements if you’re going to cross state lines. For instance, some states require embalming or refrigerating the body, while others do not.

It can be very tricky to ship a body internationally

Regulations are widely varied between countries. You can also consult the embassy or consulate in the country visited by the deceased.

It can be cost-effective to ship a body by train

This can be a great option if you need to get the body from points with train service at both ends. However, at both the beginning and end of the trip, make sure you have a dead body carrier booking

It is less complicated to ship cremated remains than shipping a dead body

There are rules and regulations for transporting the cremated remains are much easier than transporting a dead body as the paperwork and details are much less extensive.

There are lots of details to take care of when someone dies. If it’s going to be your loved ones, it might be devastating, and instead of making the funeral plans, we might be in shock to even move. So it is always recommended to plan for it ahead when the time comes. Taking advantage of the funeral service planners and providers can give you the peace of mind to know that your end-of-life wishes handle how you want them to be treated. Mainly if death occurs away from home, transport can be costly and complicated.