How To Transport a Dead Body from the UK To India?

If your family member dies abroad, bringing their dead body home for last rites can add more worries to an already suffering situation. However, there are a number of reasons why you might upset. Like, what do you do first? Who to contact first? How To Transport a Dead Body from the UK To India? What are your responsibilities?

Transporting a dead body by air from one country to another is the process of repatriation which is a very painful and stressful process. Every country has different rules for dead body repatriation.

Similarly, if someone close to you dies in the UK, and you want dead body transported to Bangalore, India for the last rites, you will need to arrange for the repatriation of the remains.

Dead Body Transportation Steps

  1. Communicate with local establishments:

For repatriation, the first step is to contact the UK local establishments that can help in death registration.

In outdoor death registration, the Indian embassy would able to help you with the whole procedure. In some cases, you can register a death with the Indian authorities simultaneously.

  1. Let the coroner know that you want to send the body back to India:

This is done through a ‘Form of Notice to the Coroner anticipating to take a body out of England or Wales’ or ‘First of Scotland Letter’, allotted by the Proxy Fiscal in Scotland.

This coroner’s notice will receive within four days. However, the body can repatriate at any time after the coroner has received the confession.

If there is an emergency, in this situation, you will attach a registrar copy of ‘Certified Death Registrar’ with the coroner’s notice form.

  1. The ‘Out of England’ certificate will be assigned by the coroner:

Once the body’s return has decided, you will fulfil the following documents.

  • Certificate of Obligation to Register: The Registrar at the place of burial in England or Wales may provide it to you.
  • Death Certificate: Either provide a Death Certificate to the Register and sign an in England or Wales declaration form.
  1. Determine if an autopsy is needed:

Before the repatriation, it is mandatory in some cases to officially record the reason for death.

In this step, the coroner may decide to investigate how the person died based on the autopsy results.

  1. Arrange all necessary documents.

You may need the following documents:

  • Form 103, “Certified copy of entry’ by the Registrar, acknowledgement by the coroner”.
  • Doctor’s certification
  • Embellishment certificate
  • Deceased Passport
  • NOC from Indian Embassy
  1. Prepare the body for repatriation:
  • It will include the following:
  • Applying perfume to the corpse
  • Supply of Zinc Lined Coffins
  • Accurate size of the coffin
  • Coffin packaging

Wrap up:

In conclusion. In order to transport the deceased from the UK to India, you must follow the instructions mentioned above to ensure uninterrupted operation. The Indian legation or local establishments can help you if you have questions about this process or what to do. Alternatively, you can contact our Funeral Services, one of India’s most trusted repatriation services and funeral providers. We will be able to help you better with the process.

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