How is a body prepared for a cremation? 

Cremation is the process of incinerating a body and rendering it into the form of ashes. The practice dates to antiquity, but in the West, it wasn’t frequently used outside Nordic cultures until the 20th Century. It is now a more common practice than the burial of remains. Typically an individual makes their desire to cremate before death or their surviving family members decide to have the remains cremated.

To make sure you choose the exemplary cremation service, Anthyesti is here to explain the steps involved in praparing a body for cremation.

Here are steps to follow from death to returning home to their loved ones. The steps are as follows: 

  • Identify the checks 
  • Preparation of the body 
  • Placement of the cremation box
  • Entering the cremation chamber 
  • Purification of ashes 
  • Return of ashes 
  • Identify the checks 

All the personal information has collected and cross-verified by the medical professionals. The caretakers follow every process smoothly to proceed throughout every step to ensure the person is rightly cremated and the ashes are rightly delivered to the concerned family members. Even during the period of cremation, a fire resistance accompanies the body, so there is no chance of risk to the body. 

  • Preparation of the body 

If your loved one has a significant impact, such as a pacemaker, it has moved to prevent complications. The central part of jewelry is also removed to avoid damage. The body is ready to place in the cremation center. 

  • Placement in the cremation box 

Every cremation must put in place inside a rigid box. Conducting a cremation service provider should include a cardboard box in the up-front cremation budget. However, this is a central question when getting a derive for a loved one as some may add a box free to the final price. No matter which cremation service you choose, always ask about this step to avoid hidden costs. 

  • Entering the cremation chamber 

Once the preparation is ready, resulting in the combustible box, the container is then placed inside the pre-hated cremation chamber. The chamber content will naturally break down into the ashes within two to three hours. The common misconception about people is that bodies are never exposed to flame. 

Purification of ashes: 

After this procedure, the next step drives towards the refinement of ashes. At the same time, ashes will get cool and check for any remaining impurities happening again, which our hands can easily remove. The ashes are then moved to a cremator, which converts into a fine grey powder. The cremation is complete at this point of the procedure, and your beloved ones have been fully prepared with the respect they deserve. 

  • Return of the ashes 

In the final step, the ashes will return to the container of your preference and choice. At Anthyesti, we aim to provide cremation service according to our clients will, but we ensure to give proper guidance to them. Some facilities opt for a temporary urn made from plastic or cardboard to save a penny and later move to a permanent pot. A temporary urn is the best choice to opt to relieve the memory of the ashes. 

Last words 

The steps end here, and if you feel cremation is the right choice, you have many options to hold. You can choose to save a memorial service at a church and hire a church member to give a eulogy before cremating your beloved ones. For a more affordable option, there is direct cremation. 

At Anthyesti, we provide the best cremation service in your tough times. You can reach us if you have any questions; we are just a call away. 

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