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How to Invite for a Death Ceremony?

When someone close to you dies, it is very much important for everyone in your family and relatives to know about it so that they can pay their respects by attending the funeral. Death ceremony invitation is not easy, because firstly, you need to confirm the sad news about the death and then ask them […]

Etiquette for Missing a Funeral

Somtimes in your life, when someone you know dies, and you are unable to attend their funeral for some reason. And you do not know how to offer condolences to the deceased’s family in this situation? So, you are not the only one facing this situation, and many other people are facing the same situation. […]

Top 5 things to know in Jain Funerals

Introduction: “Jainism, also called Jain Dharam, is an oldest Indian religious conviction”. Genes believe that the dead soul will be reborn immediately. Therefore, for them, death is a festival or a festival. Crying loudly and celebrating birthdays is not part of Jane’s. Jain main pillars: Aparigraha Upper Garh. Ahiṃsa Jain main types: Satya Asteya Brahmacharya […]

How can companies offering dead body van services help you in times of grief?
What Happens to Soul After Death According to Hinduism?

Death is one of the unsolved mysteries for human beings. At some point or other, all people shall pass on. The fear of death dominates the existence of every single individual. It brings impressively superfluous distress, enduring, and uneasiness to the survivors who are restless to be aware of the destiny of the left spirits. […]

The Rituals of Chautha and Tehravin

The death of an individual keeps going for a few days in many religions. There is a long period of rituals and ceremonies after burial. Similarly, in Hinduism, the rituals of the Chautha and Tehravin are performed. What is Chautha Ritual? In Hindu tradition, Chautha ceremony usually takes place on the fourth day after the […]

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Why Plan your Funeral In Advance?

It’s worth planning your funeral in advance as it makes it easy to deal with the difficult situation your family confronts in your back. Your body and funeral procedure won’t be an enormous burden over their shoulders as your early arrangements with the funeral service provider will keep it easy for them. Let’s take a […]

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What To Wear At Funerals?

Funerals are a sad moment. The funeral ceremony helps you to accept the reality of life. It gives evidence to the deceased’s life, motivating the expression of sorrow in a way that is related to cultural values. One should dress up properly according to the surrounding environment. In many cases, dressing for the funeral occasion […]