Funeral and Cremation Services for the Smartha Brahmin Community

Funeral and Cremation Services for the Smartha Brahmin Community

Anthyesti’s Funeral and Cremation Services for the Smartha Brahmin community upholds strict Vedic funeral customs centered around giving the departed a ceremonial farewell. Upon death, the body undergoes cleansing with milk or purified water, accompanied by priestly prayers aiding the soul’s transition. Relatives pay their respects as the deceased is adorned in new garments and a sacred thread. Key elements of the primary event, Antyesti, include offerings of pinda-pradana (rice balls) to ancestors and tilodaka (sesame water) to Yama, the God of Death. We assist Smartha Brahmin families in completing the entire ceremony, coordinating skilled priests for elaborate Vedic rites, embellishing the body, and transferring it to the cremation site for the final Agni ritual.

Funeral Services for the Smartha Brahmin Community

The anthyesti burial ceremonies hold significant importance for the Smartha Brahmin community. Funerals for loved ones often occur on the same day as their passing. The body is immersed in water, adorned with flowers and sacred ashes. Sacred practices include lighting funeral pyres and collecting ashes in urns for scattering in revered rivers like the Ganges. The air resonates with Vedic chants. In mourning, close family members shave their heads and don white attire. Customary food is prepared for guests making donations. These rituals impart a sense of fulfillment to the soul, marking the beginning of its next journey.

Our Comprehensive Features Funeral and Cremation Services for the Smartha Brahmin Community

We offer meticulously planned rituals at our Funeral and Cremation Services for the Smartha Brahmin Community that are customized for each day of sorrow, from Day 1 to Day 14, providing a thorough and focused way to pay respect to the departed.

The 13-day funeral rites are carried out in a systematic manner by the Smartha Brahmin Community:

  • Day 1: On the day of death, priests recite prayers and hymns and carry out Kriyas and rituals. Additional rituals and Dhanam Kriya at the funeral pyre come next.
  • Day 2/ 3: The charred remains, including ashes and bones, are collected for the Asthi Visarjan, a ceremony in which the deceased’s remains are submerged in sacred bodies of water and prayers are offered for the deceased’s comfort.
  • Day 1–Day 9: Every day, a daily offering is made in honor of Nitya Karma and Shraddha.
  • Day 10: The act of “offering services” is called Pind Daan. This respectable process is handled by a team of competent clerics.
  • Day 11: Active chanting, or Rudrajapam, is performed by a group of priests. Pind Daan and Shraddh also offer the departed a tender farewell.
  • Day 12: Priests receive Karya and Danam (offerings) on Sapindikarana, which is observed.
  • Day 13: Periodic Shraddhs, or Masika, are performed and given collectively along with familiar rites and songs.
  • Day 13 and 14: Vaikuntha Samaradhane, a funeral feast, is attended by a small group of family members and friends.

Funeral and Cremation Services for the Smartha Brahmin Community

Cremation Services for Funeral and Cremation Services for the Smartha Brahmin Community

In the Smartha Brahmin community, cremation is the customary method for Anthyesti last rites. Adhering to Vedic instructions, we furnish the traditional wooden pyre structure for the ceremonial lighting of the sacred fire. Our priests lead the rite, encircling the pyre and igniting the deceased’s body while our eldest son chants holy mantras from the Yajur Veda. For the Anthyesti rites, we supply ceremonial puja objects and freshly produced ghee. The family respectfully awaits the completion of cremation, after which we gather the remains and place them in an urn for scattering in the Ganges. Striving to offer closure, our cremation services for Smartha Brahmin families uphold historical customs. Contact us for assistance with personalized antyesti rituals.

Asthi Visarjan Services for Funeral and Cremation Services for the Smartha Brahmin Community

Following the cremation rites of a Smartha Brahmin, Asthi visarjan becomes a significant concluding ceremony. We offer comprehensive services for this ritual of immersing holy ashes. Our priests guide the family in a procession to the Ganges or another sacred river, reciting Vedic mantras once the initial 13-day mourning period concludes. For transporting the remains, we provide a specially decorated urn adorned with turmeric, vermillion, religious symbols, mango leaves, and a coconut. The ashes are released into the holy waters alongside floral offerings and prayers, allowing the soul to find everlasting peace. To ensure the entire asthi visarjan respects the final journey traditions of the Smartha Brahmins, we assist in acquiring pure materials, auspicious scheduling, ceremonies, transportation, and all customs.

What we offer

  • All requirements for the Samagri, or last rites and rituals, for Antim Sanskaar have been fully organized.
  • Pandit, Dasappa, knowledgeable and flexible priests, and general assistance on customs and procedures.
  • 24-hour wood pyre and electric cremation services with flexible alternatives available.
  • A certified physician is on call to provide the FORM 4 Death Certificate at the residence.
  • Depending on your needs and preferences, funeral services can be provided throughout several places, including Kashi, Prayagraj, Haridwar, Gokarna, Rameshwaram, etc.
  • Dead body transportation within the city using hearse, ambulance or mortuary vans, as well as any necessary decorations for Funeral and Cremation Services for the Smartha Brahmin Community
  • To preserve the corpse or remains overnight, use a freezer box.
  • Making plans and reserving times at the Ghat or Crematorium
  • Helping to obtain government-issued Authorised Death Certificates.
  • Shraadh, the twelve-day, thirteen-day, and monthly ceremonies and preparations for the afterlife
  • Service and supply schedule for the ninth, twelfth, or thirteenth day ceremonies.
  • Funeral services that are available across the country and that use multiple languages to express love and respect.


Within the Funeral and Cremation Services for the Smartha Brahmin Community, the loss of a loved one symbolizes both the departure of the soul and the adherence to numerous customs aimed at ensuring a peaceful transition to the afterlife. Under the guidance of priests well-versed in Vedic texts, we specialize in personalized anthyesti rites, encompassing funeral care to asthi visarjan ceremonies. The initial steps involve the ceremonial bathing and dressing of the body, preceding the customary cremation. Adhering to each tradition, our knowledgeable team gathers the ashes afterward for the final journey to the sacred Ganges. Our expertise lies in facilitating the transition to the afterlife, aiming to make it more manageable. Contact us now to arrange the dignified departure that every Smartha person deserves.