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The corona crisis has badly struck India, especially in the second wave that broke out in mid-April. With India’s burgeoning population and inadequate health care system reeling under the devastating attack of the pandemic, many people suffered great personal tragedies. Families lost their near and dear ones to the havoc caused by the corona virus.

Things in India got so bad that the bereaving families could not even extend a proper funeral to their loved ones who had departed the world. Many people tried to profiteer from this sad state of affairs and offered help with cremation services at exorbitant prices.

Relatives of the deceased had to wait in long queues to get space in the morgues, wood for burning, and a spot in the cremation ground to bid a final adieu to their loved ones. At this point, Anthyesti Funeral Services, a start-up launched in 2016 by former software engineer Shruthi Reddy Sethi, sprang into action and came to the help of the grief-stricken families.

Anthyesti Funeral Services was launched with the vision to bring reforms in the Indian funeral services sector, which was plagued by poor service quality and many malpractices. But it was only when the worst phase of the pandemic struck India that Shruthi and her team realized how grave the situation was.

Anthyesti offers comprehensive funeral services, including transportation, crematory arrangements, and final rites, at an affordable price of around INR 30,000, significantly lower than pandemic price hikes. Beyond cost savings, Anthyesti’s true value lies in easing the burden of administrative tasks for grieving families during times of personal tragedy. 

Providing Relief and Help in the Pandemic Crisis 

1. Employee Safety Focus: Anthyesti places a high priority on safeguarding its workforce, especially amid the pandemic, by furnishing comprehensive medical insurance coverage. This proactive stance underscores the company’s concern and duty towards employees who bravely undertake essential tasks, ensuring their well-being.

2. Founder’s Dedication: Founder Shruthi Reddy Sethi derives profound fulfillment from easing the burden of grieving families in their moments of distress. Her commitment to minimizing distressing wait times epitomizes Anthyesti’s empathetic approach, underscoring their dedication to assisting bereaved families with compassion and efficiency.

3. Financial Expansion: Despite pandemic challenges, Anthyesti has witnessed a significant 20% surge in revenue, a testament to the efficacy of their services and the heightened demand for support during times of loss. This growth underscores the relevance and value of their offerings in today’s market landscape.

4. Driven by Purpose: Anthyesti’s team is propelled not solely by financial gains but also by a profound sense of purpose and empathy for those affected by the pandemic’s hardships. Their steadfast commitment to offering solace and assistance to grieving individuals showcases their authentic dedication to their mission.

5. Cultural Reverence: “Anthyesti,” derived from Sanskrit, translates to “last rites,” reflecting the significance of traditional funeral practices in Indian culture. By honoring this cultural legacy, Anthyesti Funeral Services not only upholds age-old traditions but also extends crucial support and comfort to families grappling with loss, particularly amidst the ongoing pandemic. 

In conclusion,

Anthyesti shines as a beacon of relief amid the pandemic, prioritizing safety, showing dedication to grieving families, and achieving financial growth. Motivated by empathy, they provide crucial support, upholding cultural traditions while offering solace in times of loss, and showcasing resilience and community spirit. 

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