Last Journey Wrapped in Flowers and Memories!

Life has taken a new turn since development. The development has affected all sectors, including industries. The rapid rate of development has led people to focus more on their careers. We are running in a rat race of success in some high-tech cities like Bangalore. In this rat race, we have forgotten to take care of the emotions of our loved ones. We often want to share our moments of joy with our family but forget to share the sorrow.

Some Moments of Grief

One such moment of grief is the death of some person near to us. In our busy lives, we may mourn over the loss, but we will forget soon. There is a huge responsibility on us to arrange necessary things for the funeral ceremony. Funeral services in Bangalore are difficult to arrange as there are a lot of things to take care of and also many issues to deal with.

What is A Funeral Ceremony?

As per Hindu tradition, there are a lot of things associated with the funeral ceremony. A funeral ceremony is a tradition of paying the last tribute to the deceased person. It is a form of respect that the family members give to the lost soul. We do believe in life after death. This is the reason why we make the arrangements in the best way possible for the deceased soul.

What are the Requirements in a Funeral Ceremony?

  • Funeral Site-The most important thing in the funeral ceremony is the site of the ceremony. Most Hindu families prefer the funeral ceremony to take place after few days of cremation. This is the delayed type of funeral ceremony. The cremation of the dead body is completed on the day of death. The following rituals are performed a few days later. If the family members cannot make all the arrangements, then special people are there to help them. They will fix the site for the funeral ceremony as per the choice of the family members. They will also decorate the place.
  • Priest-Priest is an integral part of the Hindu funeral ceremony. A Hindu priest bears the responsibility of completing the ceremony in a hassle-free way. They know the detailed procedure of the funeral ceremony. They chant the holy prayers during the ceremony. People usually believe that the holy prayers help the deceased to attain life after death. The priest sets the soul free. The priest dictates the procedure, and the family members follow them.

Flowers are mysterious. On some occasions, the flowers symbolize joy and happiness, while on other occasions, sadness and grief. The flowers are an integral part of the Hindu funeral ceremony. White flowers can form the important decorative material at the funeral site. The flowers can be in the form of a single flower or some wreath. They can be in the form of garlands or a defined bouquet. The types of flowers used carry different meanings. This is the reason for choosing defined flowers for the ceremony. Western culture focuses more on peace lilies, while Hindu tradition includes rajanigandha. This white flower is famous as a part of the funeral arrangements in Bangalore.