What Should I Do If an Indian Dies in the United States?

Death is inevitable. If your loved ones are working abroad and when you hear the sad news all of a sudden, you get to remember the emotional bond that you share with the deceased person. If the death has happened in a foreign country, the burden can multiply significantly. So, what should you do when your loved ones die in the United States? Read this blog to find out.

The first and foremost thing that you can do in the event of the death of your loved ones is:

Contact the US Bureau of Consular Affairs

If the local authorities in the foreign country report a death to the United States embassy or United States consulate, the US Bureau of Consular Affairs which has situated in the US will try to identify and connect with a family member of the deceased individual.

Even if you come to know about the death of your family member through friends or relatives, you must still call the Bureau of Consular Affairs located in the place where your family member died. Doing so, the government will help you with:

  • Confirming the death of the individual.
  • Coordinate with the legal representative with respect to handing over his personal belongings.
  • Helping you transfer money to the hospital to cover bills and other expenses.
  • Assisting with legal affairs of the deceased if he doesn’t have a legal representative.
  • Transferring the deceased physical remains carefully as per the government instructions.
  • Helping with death reports. These reports could be useful in some cases.

You can contact the authorities for more information on the same. Also, there are websites that can provide you with information regarding the same. The US consulate won’t offer any financial support for the expenses of the deceased individual, which should be noted.

Things to Do After the Death of Your Loved Ones in the USA

  • Get the death certificate: As soon as possible, get the death certificate of your loved ones. The US consulate will help you with this. If you don’t have a death certificate you won’t be able to claim any insurance as a beneficiary. Be it claims on property or any other insurance, you can’t find a way when you don’t have a death certificate.

Some countries quickly provide the death certificate, but a few countries take time. Know how developed the country is so that you can prepare in advance and not get any delay to receive the official death certificate.

  • Legal issues: If a person dies in any country, he is subject to the country’s laws. Depending on how the death occurred, there could be civil liabilities. In such cases, you must request the US consulate to represent you to a renowned local legal counsel to represent the deceased estate in any matters of liability.

For suppose if there is no referral, and the deceased is doing business, his/her employer might have a legal counsel who can assist quickly. Speak to the Human Resource representative and see if they can help you with anything.

  • Transporting remains: Based on the death circumstance, transporting the remains to the home country could be delayed. For conducting an autopsy or for gathering evidence, there could be a delay as per the laws of the country.

As you now know what to do when a person dies in the United States, follow the instructions carefully to get things done. If you want to avoid all the hassle, contact Anthyesti, and we can take care of everything that you need and ensure a hassle-free experience overall.

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