What are the Hindu Rituals to be Performed After Cremation?

Hinduism is one of the largest religions in the world. Many people have doubts on the rituals to perform after death. If you want to know what are the rituals that are to perform after the cremation of your loved ones, this article provides you with comprehensive information. One has to know what are the hindu rituals to be performed after Cremation

Why Do Hindus Cremate?

Hindus believe that after death, the body serves no purpose, and so it is not needed to preserve. So, Hindus cremate the body and also believe it is the fastest way to release the soul. Hindus also believe that rebirth is possible only when the soul is release quickly.

Hindu Rituals After the Death

The Hindu person’s death follows a lot of rituals. It’s a long process. There are many ceremonies that are to done and a lot of rituals is perform even after the cremation as well. The mourning period is one of them. The mourning period starts once the cremation is complete. Once the body is cremate, there is a phase of ritual impurity.

Here is the basic process or rituals that most Hindus follow right after the death of their loved ones.

  • Usually, on a funeral day, there will be a lot of mantras chanted, and everyone sits quietly during the chanting. After this, everyone offers condolences to the deceased family.
  • Flowers is place around the body. Everyone prays before the cremation.
  • Usually, within 24 hours, the body must cremate.
  • Once the cremation is complete, people who have participated in the cremation process must return home, they should bathe, and clean the home completely.
  • After cremation, the family must not leave the house for a certain period, which varies depending on the traditions each family follows.
  • The family members must dress conservatively. White color clothes are more preferred than black ones.
  • A lamp and a water pot is place near the body and the water has to changed daily.
  • The family members must not cook food at home for a few days after the cremation. Usually, relatives or friends prepare and get food from their homes and serve everyone.

In the subsequent days, a commemorative ceremony is organize, usually on the third, fifth, seventh, or ninth day after the death. All the relatives is invite to the ceremony and food that is love by the deceased individual is cook and served to everyone. Also, a plate with all the varieties of food is put in front of the deceased’s photo.

On the 31st day, the house is clean once again and again everyone is invite to the occasion where food is serve. Once the one-month occasion is complete, the next will be the 1st death anniversary. On this day, Shraddha rites is perform. Hindus believe that the deceased person will reincarnate again after this. After the 1st anniversary, every year, the sons perform the yearly occasion as long as they are alive.


Hope you have got an understanding of the Hindu rituals performed after the death of their loved ones. According to the beliefs and customs, each ceremony is perform differently. If you are looking for someone who can help you perform the Hindu rituals precisely, Anthyesti can provide you with professionals who can help complete every ritual carefully and in the right manner.

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