The Last Journey Made Memorably

We find many people around us to share our moments of happiness. However, we hardly find a handful of beside us during grief. Our biggest grief is when we lose someone close to our life. It may be someone related to our family or someone near to us. In such moments, we find it difficult to find someone who can single-handedly take all responsibilities. This is the responsibility related to the death ceremony. Few people can ease out this kind of tense situation. They ensure to make this work easy for you. They give a helping hand when you need them the most. These people can make arrangements special during the last rites.

The funeral ceremony is the time when the family members grieve over the death of their loved ones. The family members do not get ample time in arranging things. This is the time when we need some people around us. They will help in arranging things and help in their execution.

Making arrangements for the death ceremony can be hectic. You are not in the situation to take all charges. Hindu tradition demands many things to perform the last rites properly. This can be anything starting from the priest to the flowers to carrier van or the venue for the purpose.

The funeral service is dedicated to making the necessary arrangements for the last rites. It is held as a tribute given to the beloved person during their last journey to heaven. The family members select the venue for the ceremony. The priest chants the holy prayers during the ceremony.

Funerals Can be of Various Types

There are different types of funeral services as per the Hindu tradition. One can be the ritual of immediate cremation. This is when one cremates the dead body just after the death and performs the normal rituals at the site of the cremation. The priest and the flowers are arranged as per the taste of the family members.

The next type of disposition is delayed-type. This is where one does the cremation within a definite time span. This time span depends on the proper arrangements of appropriate vehicles. The carrier vessels can be freezer boxes or hearse vans. These vehicles carry the body to the site of cremation. The family members cremate the bodies at a specific site. The time span also includes making the arrangements for a Hindu priest. The priest is the person who chants holy mantras during the ceremony.

The last type of cremation is disposition. This is when there is no immediate cremation post-death. One can plan a funeral within a time span of 7 days. This funeral ceremony includes the proper arrangement of a specific site, including desired flowers, to perform the last rites. 

The family members strive hard to fulfil all the wishes of the deceased soul. The family members choose their priest as per their choice. This makes the arrangements of the death ceremony trouble-free. A funeral ceremony is an event that requires proper organization. Organization in amalgamation with execution turns out to be successful.