Privacy Policy

At the online platform of Anthyesti, we protect your data and all the personal information that is of utmost priority to the person. Our page will inform you about all our policies regarding the collection, management, usage, and even declaration of our website's information from the clients and visitors of our website. For accessing the website, the user needs to agree to all the collection and usage of your data by the company Anthyesti that too according to this policy.

We have put the reservation on the right to update or change the policy regarding which the person will get the instant notification. So better to stay updated with all the information on the website and keep visiting the page frequently.

About the information collection and usage by Anthyesti

Whatever the user data do we collect through mobile/ desktop sites:

We can collect the following data

User first and last name

User contact information that will include email address

User IP address

All the links that you click on our website

The frequency of the user visiting our website

All the data regarding the user behaviour on your website

All other details regarding the interests of users etc.

Our website will use this information for:

The reason for data collection is stated below:

Provide the user with all the requested services

The company team can contact the person whenever necessary

It is of utmost importance to ensure the security of the user's information on our website. It is for sure that our company will not share your personally identifiable information with any of the third parties except for the ones reported in the company's following policies.

Following are the situations in which we may share your information with any service providers. Let's have a look at them.

Providing for any type of services requested by you

Processing of the payment on the online platform

Providing after-sale services like customer-care support

Usage of branding communications and marketing

Conducting any type of research and analysis

Any type of situation in which the legal reason is included also enables the website to share the information. Some of them are stated as follows:

If the company is merging with another company so all the customer information will be considered as a transferable asset

If the information is required by the court, to protect your safety, rights and also investigates any type of fraud.

Our Cookie Policy:

All the users that agree to the Cookie used on our website; the user will be allowed to use the data. It will collect information regarding the online behaviour of users, which might include visits to different web pages that you spend most of the time.

All the data will be collected by us to provide customization to our website according to user needs and preferences. If you want to raise any query or share any type of information, you can easily request us and reach out at your website: