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Death is a very unfortunate event that leaves families devastated. And once the event occurs, it is equally important to organize the last rites of the person with full dedication and respect. But, we understand how difficult it can be taking care of all the arrangements and getting through the emotions of the tragedy. Before we go any further, we will mention some key places of interest Cremation Services in Pune.

  1. Shaniwar Wada
  2. Aga Khan Palace
  3. Sinhagad Fort
  4. Nebula
  5. Pataleshwar

To help you get through it, we at Anthyesti offer cremation services in Pune which take care of all the arrangements. The loss of a loved one can leave a lasting impact and when we are going through the emotions, we do not understand most of our actions. This means you will need support while you organize the cremation in Pune. The process of organizing the same includes taking care of all the last rites to be performed, arranging the required material, and looking for a cremation center in Pune. Here are a few centers in Pune.

  1. Muktidham Crematorium
  2. Vaikunthsmashan – Hindu crematorium
  3. Kailash Smashanbhumi Crematorium
  4. Baner Hindu Crematorium

We all know looking for a burial center in Pune can be difficult to let alone securing a burial ground in Pune at the last minute. So, this is exactly why we take charge and relieve you of all the responsibilities. Our team understands the importance of grieving and the time it takes to acknowledge the demise of your loved ones. Here are some key burial centers in Pune we are associated with:

  1. City Church cemetery
  2. Kirkee War Cemetery
  3. Indian Christian Cemetery
  4. ThosarPaga Cemetery
  5. Bibewewadi Cremation Ground

We offer comprehensive cremation services in Pune which include everything from the last rite to the organization of food for the guests. We offer services for all religions and even offer services such as transportation, freezing, and washing. Along with the last rites, we take care of embalming the body, if required, and ensure that preservation is done to ensure maximum prevention. It is highly likely that some relatives might be traveling from abroad and might need to buy time and that is why we ensure preservation and embalming.

Here are a few reasons why Anthyesti is the answer to all your needs for cremation services in Pune.

  1. Team of professionals who understand the importance of performing the last rites and making all the arrangements for efficient execution.
  2. Finding a cremation center in Pune with an easily accessible location based on your preference.
  3. The well-experienced staff understands the human emotions involved with the demise of a loved one and make sure that your involvement is zero with the arrangements.
  4. Providing quality service and arrangement of all the required rites.
  5. Affordable service is provided based on your timelines and budget.

For more details call us at, +91-98833-18181.

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