Women Entrepreneur Quest
  • Nov 26, 2018
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  • Bharathi Grover

Amazing Startups receive Women Entrepreneur Quest 2018 | WEQ Top 10 Winners

Women Entrepreneur Quest 2018 is sponsored by the AnitaB.org India and therefore the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India. The Indo-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) conjointly plays an integral role in supporting and organizing Women Entrepreneur Quest 2018. The joint partnership has existed since 2014 and is powerfully committed to supporting the govt. of India’s policies and programs, promoting entrepreneurship among girls in India.

“Women Entrepreneur Quest has forever had the formidable objective to spot and reward sturdy girls founders with technology startups. Over the years we’ve seen tremendous growth within the quality and range of ladies entrepreneurs, with the potential to make winning businesses. Among the past Women Entrepreneur Quest winners, seventy-fifth of the startups have witnessed vital growth in their operations and client base. every Women Entrepreneur Quest 2018 winner is extremely gifted and that wear positive the expertise and exposure in the geographic region can considerably boost the expansion of their startup,” aforementioned Geetha Kannan, administrator, AnitaB.org India.

Founder: Neha Satak
Startup: Astrome

About: We are connecting the unconnected to the internet using our patent-pending next-generation satellite communication technology.
Product: We are developing the next generation millimeter wave satellite communication technology to stream internet using a constellation of satellites in space. With our technology, each of our satellite will have 12 times more capacity than our competition. Our constellation of
200 satellites will provide direct-to-home internet to all developing countries.
Traction: Over the last 2 years, a number of individuals, companies, and partners have approached us to use our internet services once our constellation is operational. We are now preparing to sign pre-purchase capacity agreements with some of these customers.

Women Entrepreneur Quest #: 137
Founder: Surabhi Das
Startup: Ziroh Labs

About: We ensure privacy, enhance the security of your information using technology while you use the internet for storage and computation.
Product: We invented cryptographic algorithms that allow computing on top of the encrypted text. Using Ziroh Labs algorithms, the data can be computed on top of encrypted text without requiring decryption at all. Our products include SDK’s/libraries, reference architectures for enterprises which intend or use cloud computing for storage and computing.
Traction: Yes, we do have traction. Our OStor reference architecture is used by two federal organizations: in India and in Australia. Besides these, we have six paid PoC’s on the pipeline and dozen more in several different stages.

Women Entrepreneur Quest #: 198
Founder: Suruchi Rao
Startup: Ossus Biorenewables

About: Ossus is renewing world’s water supplies and delivering carbon-free energy systems derived from wastewater using specially designed microbial cell factories.
Product: Ossus offers industries and municipalities an integrated, biohardware-based solution named the OB bH2 Plus Biorefinery. This unique process deploys retrofittable biohardware, for the continuous treatment of any source of wastewater while converting its chemical content into biohydrogen, all without any additional land/energy needs, profitable economies of scale and optimized productivities.
Traction: Our technology is in the process of being deployed at assets owned by major oil and gas companies including Shell, ONGC, Indian Oil, Oil India Limited and Exxon Mobil. We have received a strategic investment from the Shell E4 program in Bangalore and have been selected for the ONGC Start-up Fund.

Founder: Anushka Shetty
Startup: Plop chat

About: Reinvent storytelling for the mobile first generation
Product: We are a content, entertainment platform that creates stories which read like chat messages. It is a mobile-first platform which helps us make the stories immersive and interactive by adding multimedia – images, videos, audio scores, voice notes, video call/phone call simulations, vibrations etc.
Traction: 2005 users 385 DAU

WEQ#: 273
Founder: Shruthi Reddy
Startup: Anthyesti

About: One stop solution for post-death rites and everything pertaining to funerals, be arranging a hearse van to shraadh priests.
Product: Anthyesti Funeral Services is an end to end funeral planning product that comes with single or multiple packages to suit as per one’s individual and religious needs. We also specialize in the much complex repatriation of human remains i.e dead body transport from one city to another city.
Traction: We have started with our first customer in Mar 2016 and have reached 1000+ mark on Apr 2018. We have clients taking a simple hearse service to carry the body to cremation ground and the complex ones like shraadh ritual arrangements. We also serve clients for repatriation of human remains.

WEQ#: 274
Founder: Shampa Choudhury
Startup: Citility

About: CITILITY, an end to end mobility platform making Cities & Transit connected, efficient, Sustainable while better mobile experience for citizens.
Product: CITILITY is based on a pillar of LPWAN infrastructure gateway including management of sensor network. Helps citizen in finding parking faster, enable cashless payment and
multi-modal transit. Enabling solutions through the sensor, video analytics, Platform processes real-time data and provides visualizations for asset management, policies management and notifications for effective enforcement.
Traction: We have executed 2 Smart city – Jaipur and Kakinada Current work in progress (implementation stage) – Panjim, Hubli, Allahabad Bidding for Shimoga, Davangere, Patna Currently executing 2 large campuses, the township in Bangalore. Work in progress for a 40+ campus in PAN India.

Founder: Pallavi Gupta
Startup: Espresso Labs

About: We customize smart speakers like Amazon Alexa and Google home to be kept in a hotel room as a virtual concierge.
Product: We build applications for smart speakers to be used as a virtual concierge in a hotel room. The guests can simply talk to our device in their own native language and the device understands the request, translates it, categorizes it and also automatically assigns it to the person in charge.
Traction: We have been successfully running pilots with 15 luxury hotels in the Delhi NCR region. The pilot brands include some leading hospitality chains like Hyatt, The Roseate, The Leela and Taj Palace.

WEQ#: 329
Founder: Tarusha Mittal
Startup: Ethx.co

About: Ethx is bringing blockchain and cryptocurrencies to everyday life by creating a decentralized internet.
Product: We’re creating an internet of value, which is completely decentralized and free from ads and censorship. On this new internet, users pay via cryptocurrency(micropayments) to access any website and website owners get paid. To make it convenient -we also offer an exchange to convert between crypto and their local currency.
Traction: We have over 900,000 users.

WEQ#: 355
Founder: Radhika Patil
Startup: Cradlewise

About: We make a smart cradle for babies up to 1 year of age that ensures good quantity and quality of sleep.
Product: Our product is a smart cradle with responsive rocking and integrated contactless baby monitoring. Responsive rocking: Avoids unscheduled wakeup. Responds to startle reflex, baby cry and loud disturbing sounds by rocking and soothing music. Contactless baby monitor: Baby posture, activity, breath rate detection to prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Traction: We have 3 paying customers. We have Letter of Intent from one of the biggest toy distributor in Bangalore and Pune. We have an immense amount of interest from First Cry. They want to white label it as BabyHug. We have more than 100 queries on our website and Facebook.

Founder: Kalyani Khona
Startup: Inclov

About: Inclov is the world’s first matchmaking platform for people with disabilities to make friends and find love.
Product: Inclov is a social platform to discover new people with or without a disability. Inclov promotes inclusiveness within the community making it accessible and safe to users with visual impairment, polio, paraplegia, cerebral palsy, prosthetic, cancer, diabetes, thalassemia, skin diseases like Vitiligo and Albinism, etc
Traction: 50,000 users across India with 50+ meetups in 14 cities

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