Dead Body Transportation from Fiji to India

Dead Body Transportation from Fiji to India

When a loved one passes away while abroad, the distance from home can complicate the grieving process. The logistics involved in repatriating a deceased individual from a foreign country like Fiji back to India can be daunting. At Anthyesti Funeral Services, we understand the complexities and the emotional burden that accompanies such circumstances. This guide is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the process for transporting a deceased body from Fiji to India, ensuring that your loved one is returned home with dignity and respect. Dead Body Transportation from Fiji to India.

Understanding the Importance of Dead Body Transportation from Fiji to India:

For many families in India, it is crucial to perform the final rites in their native land, surrounded by family and steeped in personal cultural traditions. Repatriating a loved one allows for a proper farewell according to the family’s religious and cultural practices. Recognizing this need, Anthyesti strives to facilitate a process that respects these traditions while providing clear guidance and support.

Step-by-Step Guide to Dead Body Transportation from Fiji to India:

Step 1: Immediate Steps Following the Death

Upon the death of an individual in Fiji, the first step is to obtain a local death certificate from the health authorities. This document is essential for any further actions and must be officially translated into English, if necessary.

Step 2: Documentation for Repatriation

Several documents are required to transport a deceased body internationally:

  • Death Certificate: Issued by local authorities in Fiji.
  • Embalming Certificate: Confirms that the body has been embalmed, which is a necessity for international transportation.
  • Export Permit: Issued by the health department in Fiji, permitting the body to be transported out of the country.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC): From the Indian High Commission in Fiji, stating there are no objections to the repatriation.
  • Passport Cancellation: The deceased’s passport must be submitted to the Indian High Commission for cancellation.

Step 3: Choosing a Funeral Service Provider

Selecting a proficient funeral service provider, such as Anthyesti, is critical. We coordinate with local services in Fiji to ensure that all preparations, including embalming and casket selection, meet both international transport regulations and the specific cultural needs of the family.

Step 4: Transportation Logistics

The body must be transported in a zinc-lined coffin, which is sealed and secured for the flight. Coordination with an airline that can accommodate human remains is essential, and booking must be handled by the funeral service provider to ensure compliance with all aviation and health regulations.

Step 5: Customs and Airport Procedures

Upon arrival in India, the body will go through customs. All accompanying documentation must be reviewed to comply with Indian regulations. Anthyesti assists in these procedures, ensuring a smooth process at the airport.

Step 6: Transport to Final Destination

Once cleared, the body can be transported to the family’s hometown. Anthyesti arranges for transportation from the airport to the final resting place, providing support and services for the funeral or cremation as per the family’s wishes.

Cultural Sensitivity and Support for Dead Body Transportation from Fiji to India:

Transporting a deceased loved one across international borders is not just a logistical challenge but a deeply emotional journey for the family. At Anthyesti, we understand the cultural and emotional aspects of such events. Our services are designed to respect the bereaved family’s traditions and provide emotional support throughout the process.

Legal Considerations for Dead Body Transportation from Fiji to India:

Navigating the legal landscape requires expertise, particularly in the context of international repatriation. Anthyesti ensures compliance with all international and local laws, reducing the bureaucratic burden on the grieving family.

Cost Considerations for Dead Body Transportation from Fiji to India:

The cost of international repatriation can be significant. However, at Anthyesti, we provide clear, upfront pricing and assist families in understanding all potential costs from the outset. We aim to find the most cost-effective and efficient transportation methods without compromising the service’s dignity and quality.


The loss of a loved one is challenging enough without the added stress of international repatriation. With Anthyesti Funeral Services, families can trust that their loved ones will be brought back to India with the utmost care and respect. Our comprehensive service ensures that all aspects of the transportation process are handled professionally, allowing families to focus on their grief and the celebration of their loved one’s life. By entrusting us with this delicate task, you ensure that despite the geographic distance, the journey home will be smooth and dignified.


1. What initial steps should be taken when someone dies in Fiji?

The first step is to obtain a death certificate from the local health authorities in Fiji. This certificate is crucial for all subsequent procedures.

2. What documents are required for transporting a deceased body from Fiji to India?

The required documents include:

  • An official Death Certificate issued in Fiji.
  • An Embalming Certificate indicating that the body has been properly embalmed.
  • An Export Permit from the local health department.
  • A No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Indian High Commission in Fiji.
  • The deceased’s passport, which needs to be submitted for cancellation.

3. How is the body prepared for transportation?

The body must be embalmed to preserve it during transit. After embalming, it should be placed in a zinc-lined coffin, which is sealed to meet international shipping standards.

4. Which airlines transport human remains from Fiji to India?

The choice of airline can vary based on the route and availability. It’s crucial to use airlines that offer services for the transportation of human remains and are familiar with the necessary procedures.

5. How much does it cost to transport a dead body from Fiji to India?

The cost depends on several factors including airline fees, type of service chosen, and additional logistics in Fiji and India. It’s best to consult with a funeral service provider like Anthyesti for a detailed quote.

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