How to Do Pitru Paksha Puja Process at Home

Pitru Paksha Hindus commemorate and mourn their deceased ancestors during the 16-day Pitru Paksha festival. During this time, Anthyesti Funeral Services perform a Shraddha ceremony and certain rites to help our deceased ancestors’ spirits find salvation. This occasion will also see the performance of Pinda Daan in addition to the Yagna and Pitru Dosha Pooja. The ancestor’s death day is the most favorable Tithi to carry out the rite on. According to Hindu mythology, the Pitrus or ancestors cannot sustain themselves after death. Their offspring are the ones who must provide for them. They must faithfully carry out the rites and observe Pitru Paksha to achieve this.

How can I perform the Pitru Paksha Puja at home?

To perform pitru paksha puja at home you will need some samagri. Here is a quick list:

  • The wooden stool, Aasan
  • Barley and black sesame seeds on white cloth
  • An image of the ancestral
  • Kusha grass cow
  • Copper or bronze utensils

Instructions to Play out the Pitru Paksha Pooja at home:

The following is the Pooja Vidhi: A wooden stool should be placed facing south. Cover the stool with a white cloth. Spread the black sesame and barley seeds onto the cloth. On it, save a picture of your ancestor. Instead of the picture, you can also use Kusha grass, which is said to contain particles of Lord Vishnu. Invite the ancestor or ancestors for whom you are performing the pooja. Say their name, including their last name, as in, “We, the whole family, cordially invite you to come to our house during this Pitru Paksha period.”Next, fill a copper or bronze utensil with water. Add some raw cow’s milk, rice, barley, and sesame seeds to this. Next

Putting together the Pinda: Add gangajal, milk, and honey to cooked rice. Form this rice combination into a ball and hold it in front of the ancestor’s picture. Position the rice ball atop a leaf. The Pinda Daan ritual uses a ball known as the Pinda. Once you finish the ceremony, you can present a cow with the rice ball.It can also be submerged in a river if one is close by.

Offering of Ghee and Jaggery: One might make yet another offering to the ancestors. Ghee should be poured over a cow dung cake that has been almost entirely burned. Next, sprinkle a tiny quantity of jaggery over it. We can determine that the ancestors have devoured the jaggery if it has burned completely.

We thank our ancestors by doing the Pitru Paksha Amavasya Pooja. It serves as a means of remembering and paying tribute to what they have given us. They will be happy with us and bestow their blessings upon us as we do the Pooja. We shall be able to live a happy and wealthy life as a result.

Superior Expert Assistance: Offerings are a thoughtful way to show your ancestors your utmost respect. Taking a few days out of a busy year to honor one’s ancestors and ask for blessings from past generations is considered one of the most important religious activities a person should undertake. Anthyesti can help you and your loved one design a unique and personalized honor.

Positive Experience with Devotees

A Shradh ceremony honors the departed soul. Every year, on the same day that the soul passed away, family members perform this ritual. The Karta reaps the full benefits if they carry out this procedure with complete trust and serenity.The benefits of their forefathers will never leave them. One obtains Pithrus’ blessing by performing this rite, which will make it easier for them to accomplish their objectives.

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