An Essential Guide to Jains Funeral Rites

An Essential Guide to Jains Funeral Rites

Coping with the sudden loss of a beloved family member is undeniably challenging. In accordance with their religious beliefs, grieving family members engage in various rituals, commonly referred to as last rites. In the Jain faith, a significant ritual is the funeral service, and organizing it following the passing of a loved one is a formidable undertaking. To alleviate the stress and burden on mourning families, Anthyesti Funeral Services assumes full responsibility for the arrangements.

What are the key practices observed by Jains during funeral services?

Just as different religious sects adhere to diverse prayers, customs, and practices, Jains perform their final prayers uniquely. Anthyesti Funeral Services assists An Essential Guide to Jains Funeral Rites, Jains individuals in their offerings based on their beliefs.

Before commencing the funeral services, the deceased’s body undergoes cleansing and is adorned with clothing. Subsequently, the body is placed in a beer and covered with a shroud. Fragrant incense is lit on the right side of the deceased’s head, and mourners gather in what is known as Prathna Sabha.

What actions are taken during the funeral procession?

In the funeral procession, the deceased’s body is secured to the beer, with an elder family member assisting in transporting it to the crematorium or burial site.

What follows after the funeral, in accordance with Jain beliefs?

In line with Jain faith, the funeral culminates with the cremation of the deceased’s body. Following the cremation, milk is sprinkled on the site, and the ashes are not immersed in water; instead, they are interred in the ground.

Why choose Anthyesti Funeral Services for Jain funeral ceremonies?

Anthyesti Funeral Services boasts a professional and skilled team dedicated to executing their responsibilities. Families can place complete trust in the team, as they efficiently manage the entire process upon being informed of the requirements. The services provided by Anthyesti Funeral Services during a Jain funeral ceremony include:

  • Informing family and friends of the incident through phone calls and other communication channels.
  • Arranging a photo of the deceased for placement during Prathna Sabha.
  • Securing a suitable venue for Prathna Sabha based on anticipated attendance.
  • Organizing vehicles, including mortuary vans or ambulances, for the funeral procession, with customization options for decoration and flower choices.
  • Providing a professional singer and artist for soothing religious music during the ceremony.
  • Facilitating the presence of a Jain priest if required for mantra chanting.
  • Arranging charity and donation works if the family wishes to honor the departed soul in this manner.
  • Offering food and drinks after the ceremony, following the family’s preferences.

How to book Anthyesti Funeral Services for a Jain funeral?

Booking Anthyesti Funeral Services involves simple steps:

  • Call the helpline number provided on the website.
  • Communicate the incident and specify required services to the staff.
  • Discuss any uncertainties or concerns related to the funeral service.
  • Finalize the time and venue for the funeral service after resolving all doubts.

Why is performing the funeral rite crucial in Jain faith?

Jainism, one of the oldest religions, emphasizes that the departed soul gains a new body shortly after death. The funeral procession and Prathna Sabha play a vital role in facilitating this transition. Jains approach death as an inevitable aspect of life, expressing farewell to the departed peacefully rather than lamenting loudly. Anthyesti Funeral Services is committed to assisting grieving individuals, regardless of their religion, by adhering to guidelines and fulfilling the family’s wishes throughout the funeral service process. Additional team members are provided to address queries and oversee the proceedings diligently.


This essential guide sheds light on the intricate and meaningful funeral rites observed by the Jain community, providing valuable insights for those seeking the services of Anthyesti Funeral Services. Understanding the significance of each ritual, from the cleansing and dressing of the departed to the post-cremation practices, reflects the profound beliefs embedded in Jainism. Anthyesti Funeral Services, with its professional and dedicated team, stands ready to navigate these traditions with compassion and efficiency. By respecting Jain customs, Anthyesti ensures a serene farewell, offering solace to grieving families during a challenging time. Trust Anthyesti Funeral Services for a thoughtful and respectful journey beyond.

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