Funeral and Cremation Services for the Iyengar Community

Funeral and Cremation Services for the Iyengar Community

Anthyesti’s Funeral and Cremation Services for the Iyengar community in southern India upholds distinct funeral and cremation practices. Upon the demise of an Iyengar individual, the family initiates the process with a turmeric and water bath for the body, followed by adorning it in fresh, simple white attire. A procession, accompanied by the singing of mantras and Hindu passages, carries the deceased on a bier to the community-specific Iyengar cremation ground. Funeral and Cremation Services for the Iyengar Community

Funeral and Cremation Services for the Iyengar Community

Anthyesti Services specializes in personalized funeral rites for the Iyengar community, including traditional turmeric water baths, white attire dressing, and cremation at dedicated Iyengar grounds. We conduct rituals with reverence, reciting mantras, and assisting with ceremonial gestures like the oil lamp, monetary offerings, and igniting the funeral pyre. Ash immersion in the Cauvery River is respectfully done on the thirteenth day. We aim to offer comfort to grieving families through tailored funeral and cremation services aligned with Iyengar customs.

Our Comprehensive Features for Funeral and Cremation Services for the Iyengar Community

We offer meticulously planned rituals at our Iyengar Community Funeral Services that are customized for each day of sorrow, from Day 1 to Day 14, providing a thorough and focused way to pay respect to the departed.

The 13-day funeral rites are carried out in a systematic manner by the Iyengar Community:

  • Day 1: On the day of death, priests recite prayers and hymns and carry out Kriyas and rituals. Additional rituals and Dhanam Kriya at the funeral pyre come next.
  • Day 2/ 3: The charred remains, including ashes and bones, are collected for the Asthi Visarjan, a ceremony in which the deceased’s remains are submerged in sacred bodies of water and prayers are offered for the deceased’s comfort.
  • Day 1–Day 9: Every day, a daily offering is made in honor of Nitya Karma and Shraddha.
  • Day 10: The act of “offering services” is called Pind Daan. This respectable process is handled by a team of competent clerics.
  • Day 11: Active chanting, or Rudrajapam, is performed by a group of priests. Pind Daan and Shraddh also offer the departed a tender farewell.
  • Day 12: Priests receive Karya and Danam (offerings) on Sapindikarana, which is observed.
  • Day 13: Periodic Shraddhs, or Masika, are performed and given collectively along with familiar rites and songs.
  • Day 13 and 14: Vaikuntha Samaradhane, a funeral feast, is attended by a small group of family members and friends.

Funeral and Cremation Services for the Iyengar Community

Cremation Services for Funeral and Cremation Services for the Iyengar Community

This sentence describes Anthyesti Funeral Services’ commitment to providing personalized cremation services for the Iyengar community. They adhere to Iyengar customs by performing rituals such as a turmeric water bath, dressing the deceased in white attire, and conducting the cremation at esteemed Iyengar cremation grounds. The chief mourner lights the funeral pyre, sacred passages are recited, and the ashes are reverently immersed in the Cauvery River, all in accordance with tradition. These services aim to offer comfort and solace to grieving families during their difficult time.

Asthi Visarjan for Funeral and Cremation Services for the Iyengar Community

For bereaved Iyengar families seeking closure, Anthyesti Funeral Services offers personalized asthi visarjan rituals. After the cremation and once the pyre has cooled, our compassionate team respectfully gathers the ashes, adhering to the traditional Iyengar cremation customs. we accompany the family to the banks of the Cauvery River or another sacred water body for the final asthi visarjan rites, as dictated by Iyengar faith. While the family prepares for the immersion of ashes into the holy waters, symbolizing the serene conclusion of the soul’s onward journey, our priest recites Sanskrit passages.

What we offer

  • All requirements for the Samagri, or last rites and rituals, for Antim Sanskaar have been fully organized.
  • Pandit, Dasappa, knowledgeable and flexible priests, and general assistance on customs and procedures.
  • 24-hour wood pyre and electric cremation services with flexible alternatives available.
  • A certified physician is on call to provide the FORM 4 Death Certificate at the residence.
  • Depending on your needs and preferences, funeral services can be provided throughout several places, including Kashi, Prayagraj, Haridwar, Gokarna, Rameshwaram, etc.
  • Dead Body Transportation guarantees timely delivery right to your door when moving between cities.
  • Dead body transportation within the city using hearse, ambulance or mortuary vans, as well as any necessary decorations for Funeral and Cremation Services for the Iyengar Community
  • To preserve the corpse or remains overnight, use a freezer box.
  • Making plans and reserving times at the Ghat or Crematorium
  • Helping to obtain government-issued Authorized Death Certificates.
  • Shraadh, the twelve-day, thirteen-day, and monthly ceremonies and preparations for the afterlife
  • Service and supply schedule for the ninth, twelfth, or thirteenth day ceremonies.
  • Funeral services that are available across the country and that use multiple languages to express love and respect.


The funeral traditions upheld by the Iyengar community in Tamil Nadu are deeply ingrained, embodying their profound beliefs about the journey into the afterlife. Following these long-standing customs provides solace and purpose to grieving Iyengar families, infusing meaning into the sorrow that accompanies the loss of a cherished member. Each observed ritual, from the ceremonial bathing and dressing in pure white symbolizing purity to the procession to the cremation site reciting sacred scriptures, reflects a deep connection to faith.


1. What are Funeral and Cremation Services for the Iyengar community?

Funeral and cremation services for the Iyengar community are dedicated to conducting funeral rites and cremations in accordance with the customs and traditions of the Iyengar sect of Hinduism.

2. What are some key customs followed in Iyengar funeral and cremation services?

Some key customs include performing a turmeric water bath for the deceased, dressing them in pristine white attire, and conducting the cremation at designated Iyengar cremation grounds.

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