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Cremation Ground – Wisdom

We have always dealt with people. Who seem to be afraid or not interested in going to a cremation ground. As it gives them a negative aura. This has been an ongoing discussion every time. We have a discussion about going to a cremation rites of a deceased person. We always portray certain empathetic comments but refrain from going to the cremation ceremony.

Poet Kabir Das:

With this in mind, I thought I would share a small story to all of you today. Although this circumstance cannot avoid. It can handle better and in a more constructive way. In ‘The wisdom of a cremation ground’, by Kabir Das, the poet saint of Bhakti Movement in the 15th century. Though born in a different religion. He is inspire by the works of the Hindu Bhakt Leader Ramananda. Hence most of his works can fine in the Sikh holy book, Guru Granth Sahib.

The story begins with a seeker searching for his personage. Who is Kabir Das and as he searches him and travels by he is sent down to Kabir Das home. As the seeker reached his place Kabir Das wasn’t present. And his wife told him that he had gone to the cremation ground. Attending the final cremation rites of a deceased person. Seeker asked his wife how he would able to distinguish Kabir Das from the crowd. Then his wife said that he could find an aura above his head. 

The seeker left for the cremation ground. But as he reached there he noticed that everyone attending the cremation rites had an aura over their head. He got confused and left back to the house and told her what happened. She gave a slight smile and explained to him. About the wisdom of cremation ground. For everyone, during cremation the transience of life hits us. We eventually start having deeper and wiser thoughts.

What makes us forget about negative thoughts:

Besides, We keep thinking, if there is actually a power above us? And is this life all about? Which makes us forget about all the luxury and other negative thoughts from our mind. We may even think of an individual soul, Jiva Atma, and the universal soul, Param Atma. Every other problem around us. Our ego, jealousies and conflict with others will start to look petty in front of this holy ceremony. Our thoughts would get filled with good and positive thoughts. And resolve to have noble thoughts and about doing good deeds.

However, after the ceremony, everyone gets back to their older thoughts and beliefs of our needs, wants and desires. Hence the halo over their head disappears, yet Kabir Das would still have that aura over his head due to his noble mind.

Nowadays cremation services is offer to people to provide better solutions and end-to-end services during their grief period. People are not only empathizing but are also taking initiatives to make processes even more simpler. People often not being able to grieve their deceased one’s absence, due to their responsibilities of scheduling and organizing an entire funeral and cremation services, but services like Anthyesti makes it easier for people to grieve by taking care of all their services from finding a cremation ground to even organizing the entire ceremony altogether. People often search for cremation grounds like Lodhi Road Crematorium, as it is famous for its vast area and space for performing Hindu funeral rites, therefore cremation service providers in India, book you the slot in your preferred burial ground.

Last Words:

The most emotionally draining task is certainly giving your loved ones’ final rites. Booking the cremation ground is the most important step in the lengthy procedure of the final cremation, which involves various minor activities. It was challenging to reserve the crematory amidst the pandemic. However, many grieving families received prompt assistance from the best cremation services. The system of online and on-call booking facilities made this possible. To reserve a burial ground of your choice, all you need to do is give a reputable cremation service firm a call. When choosing a cremation ground, some people prefer one that is close to where they live, while others go with a family tradition. Regardless of your decision, you can always call the cremation services teams like Anthyesti services manager to reserve your desired cremation ground.