Shibo Prasad Nandita Will Tell The Story Of A Funeral Planner

Women Entrepreneurs Are Leading the Way

We are immensely happy to declare that women entrepreneurs are getting the attention and respect they deserve. Around 14% of the total entrepreneurship in India constitutes women entrepreneurs.

Ms. Shruthi Reddy, the founder of Anthyesti, a home for funeral services has been playing her role in contributing to the nation’s economy and proving it to the world that women entrepreneurs can do wonders when facing even the toughest of challenges.

The results of her efforts are bearing fruit in more ways than one. Ms. Reddy was cordially invited to be one of the Key Speakers at the conference held by the Indian Chamber of Commerce on 19th December 2019.

INSPIRATION- Empowering Budding Women Entrepreneurs was conducted in The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata where business experts and successful women entrepreneurs were present to talk about their experiences and interact with aspiring female students to help them step forward with confidence and make a mark in this competitive world.

Ms. Reddy graced the occasion and shared her success story with others present at the event. She spoke about her ideas behind starting Anthyesti and how we are helping grieving families handle the last rites of their loved ones.

Why should families face the trials and tribulations of arranging for transportation of the bodies of their loved ones? Why should they be forced to set aside their grief and handle every tiny aspect of the funeral services? Why can’t women take up the task of arranging for a religious funeral service?

At Anthyesti, we have answers to these questions and more. We are proud to say that Ms. Reddy is showing the way to numerous young women to be bold and step into the world of entrepreneurship. With grit and determination, nothing is impossible. We at Antheysti, under the guidance and leadership of Ms. Reddy, are proving it to the world at large.