Transport of Deceased From Singapore to Guwahati

Deceased From Singapore to Guwahati At Anthyesti, a funeral service provider, we are fully aware of all the requirements relating to documentation, so we work effectively with our worldwide network of funeral managers to transport the deceased bodies of your loved ones from anywhere in the world to India.

Important features of our Funeral Services

  • Door-to-door collection and delivery services
  • Supply of coffin
  • Handling the Airport and Flight
  • Airport bill
  • Embalming
  • Legal documentation
  • Working with third parties for any valuable add-ons
  • Any other country-specific documentation

Funeral Assistance Worldwide

We can assist with all repatriations from any country to India. We are passionate about our work and understand how our efforts are crucial in determining the proper execution of the last rituals of any mortal remains. Deceased From Singapore to Guwahati The process of repatriating a closed one can be a complicated task for anyone to deal with, and this is where our efficiency, professionalism and collaboration with many Embassies, Consulates and Government offices, as well as many airlines and transportation companies,

A journey from Singapore to Guwahati

Recently, we transferred a deceased person from Singapore to Guwahati. Let’s take a look at the complex yet secure process of transferring the last remains to the kin of the deceased.

The mortal remains of an Indian national can be brought back to India only after registration of death at the Indian High Commission or Embassy. The following Deceased From Singapore to Guwahati documents were required for the registration of death:

  • medical report/death certificate issued from a hospital.
  • Copy of detailed police report (with English translation) in case of accidental or unnatural death
  • Consent letter from the kin of the deceased for transportation of mortal remains, duly attested by a notary
  • Copy of passport and visa pages

In addition to the above, other documents, such as clearance and arrangements for the embalming of mortal remains, clearance from local immigration and customs department, etc. were required.

Country’s Local Laws and Customs

Due to each country’s local laws and customs, the transfer of the dead remains of an unnatural death takes more time. However, in this case, Anthyesti facilitates the transportation of the mortal remains in accordance with the wishes of the family of the deceased. We also liaise with the concerned foreign officials to expedite procedures for the repatriation of mortal remains to India.

After the embassy officials verify the documents and are confident about its authenticity, they give a Clearance certificate and cancel the passport of the deceased. This certificate is very important, as it will be necessary to buy the Airway Bill (AWB). The airport authorities are very careful when issuing an AWB for the dead remains and they only provide it after thoroughly going through all the documents.

Since there is no direct flight to Deceased From Singapore to Guwahati, it was first delivered to Delhi airport. From now on, the local process of transferring the remains will begin.  Anthyesti received the mortal body at the Delhi airport and then started preparing to send the remains for the final destination.

Document for Deceased From Singapore to Guwahati Clearance Process

Again, we have to go through the entire document clearance process and the steps are as follows:

  • Airport Police Certificate
  • Customs Certificate
  • Medical Certificate
  • Airway Bill

Finally, it reaches the Deceased From Singapore to Guwahati where, after proper checking of documents, the dead remains are released. A hearse van is already waiting just outside the airport. Thus, after traveling almost 2000 km, the dead remains finally reached the destination where his kin is going to perform the final rites.

The cultural and legal aspects of death are quite varied across the globe, as are the practices of marriage and divorce. No two countries are alike. However, we do our best to ensure that the process of this final journey is as smooth as possible.


1. How can I arrange for the transport of a Deceased From Singapore to Guwahati?

  • You can arrange for the transport of a deceased person from Singapore to Guwahati through a funeral service provider or a repatriation company that specializes in international repatriation of human remains. They will assist you in navigating the necessary documentation, permits, and logistics involved in the process.

2. What documents are required for transporting the deceased from Singapore to Guwahati?

  • The required documents typically include a death certificate issued by the relevant authorities in Singapore, an embalming certificate (if applicable), a no objection certificate (NOC) from the Singapore authorities, and relevant permits for transportation and importation into India. Additionally, you may need to provide identification documents for the deceased and complete any customs or immigration forms required by both countries.

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