How Startups Breathe Life into India’s Funeral Services

How Startups Breathe Life into India’s Funeral Services Online funeral services: You can never plan for death and the funeral process that follows is difficult at the time of bereavement. During a time when the family should be together grieving and mourning, they find themselves caught up in arranging the logistics, haggling with the vendors, and preparing for the funeral. What makes the process tougher is that most of the present generation does not know how to conduct the last rites and faces problems in doing so.

Economic Times wrote about Anthyesti  Funeral Services, which is an Online funeral service.

Startups like Anthyesti address the gap in India’s funeral services, which have long been unorganized and unstructured, by providing organized funeral management services.

Kolkata-based Anthyesti : How Startups Breathe Life into India’s Funeral Services helps people organize funerals across various religions and communities. “Anthyesti Funeral Services, led by CEO Shruthi Reddy, provides a range of funeral services including hearse vans, embalming, mobile freezer boxes, specific community priests, shradh service, catering, domestic and international repatriation of human remains, and pre-planning of funeral packages. Operating 24/7, it’s an emergency service.”

An electrical engineer by graduation, Reddy worked as a software engineer for nine years before taking the plunge into entrepreneurship. “Life was very smooth for an IT professional, but the thirst for doing something out of the box prompted me to take the big leap,” says Reddy, who launched Anthyesti in March 2016 How Startups Breathe Life into India’s Funeral Services.

For startups in the space, the idea of using technology to invigorate this industry is proving to be successful. Reddy believes that technology, now integral to our lives, offers vast potential for solutions, including online funeral services.

We also have tie-ups with hospitals. “Most clients reach out to us online or offline,” Reddy explains. “We’re also developing a franchise model to expand into cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.”

Anthyesti has served close to 150 funerals with revenue of close to Rs. 6 lakh. “Responses have been very positive and the growth has been quite well since the more we went deep into the services, there were quite a lot of windows of opportunity that opened up. New services were introduced which helped our clients. There has been a steady increase in the turnover,” adds Reddy. Bootstrapped at present, Reddy invested close to Rs. 10 lakh in the startup How Startups Breathe Life into India’s Funeral Services.

Online startup services typically appeal to nuclear families and migrating professionals seeking organized options during tough times. “We are currently targeting mostly the middle class and upper middle class as a potential market,” says Reddy.

Startups in the sector have struggled due to the unusual nature of the business. The biggest challenge remains marketing online funeral services directly to grieving customers. Creating a space for professionalism has been another obstacle,” adds Shruthi Reddy.

“My biggest asset is my team which I feel is the biggest barrier to entry in my industry. “It’s tough to inspire 12th-class passouts and graduates to serve the hearse van industry professionally,” she says.

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1: How are startups transforming India’s funeral services?

Startups are bringing innovation and modernization to funeral services by introducing online platforms, new technology, and personalized offerings.

2: What benefits do these startups offer to customers?

Customers can access convenient funeral planning services, including online arrangements, customizable options, and streamlined processes, easing the burden during a difficult time.

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