What Do You Need To Do If Your Loved Ones Pass Away?

Funeral Packages | Pre-Planning your Own Funeral For Last Rites

Pre-Planning your Own Funeral For Last Rites The fact that death is inevitable is an unchangeable fact in the fabric of existence, which leads many people to contemplate the logistics of their ultimate farewell. Pre-planning a funeral and purchasing funeral packages have become important factors to take into account. These options allow people to make sure their desires are carried out and relieve their loved ones of the responsibility of making decisions during a difficult time.

At Final Rites, Anthyesti funeral service understand how important it is to respect and show dignity to those who are passing away from this world. With our all-inclusive Pre-Planning your Own Funeral For Last Rites, people may carefully specify their preferences—from the kind of ceremony to the specifics of their burial arrangements. A one-stop service that takes care of all your funeral needs with different Funeral Packages.

What is Anthyesti?

Literally translating to ‘last sacrifice’ in Sanskrit, it refers to the funeral rites for the dead in Hinduism. Reddy, a software engineer by profession, wanted to do her bit to serve humanity and came up with this one-stop funeral service in Kolkata. Pre-Planning your Own Funeral For Last Rites Why? Because she felt that families in India are usually plagued by funeral rites after the loss of a loved one -the lack of awareness about morgues, vendors, rates, expensive hearse vans, unqualified priests and harassing doms at crematoriums, Funeral Packages.

Services provided – Funeral Packages

Hearse van services, priest services, mortuary services,  banquet hall services, Funeral Packages, funeral helper and repatriation services are provided by Anthyesti.

Service providers in the context of funeral packages and pre-planning for one’s own funeral typically include:

  1. Funeral Homes: These establishments offer a range of services including embalming, cremation, burial arrangements, and memorial services.

  2. Cemeteries: Cemeteries provide burial plots, mausoleums, and cremation niches for the interment of the deceased.

  3. Crematoriums: These facilities specialize in the cremation of human remains, providing cremation services according to the wishes of the deceased and their family.

  4. Officiants: Religious or spiritual leaders who conduct funeral or memorial services, offering comfort and guidance to grieving families.

  5. Florists: Florists provide funeral flower arrangements and wreaths to honor the deceased and offer condolences to the bereaved.

  6. Caterers: Catering services may be enlisted to provide food and refreshments for funeral receptions or gatherings following the memorial service.

  7. Legal and Financial Advisors: These professionals assist with legal aspects such as wills, estate planning, and financial arrangements for funeral expenses.

  8. Pre-Need Insurance Providers: Companies that offer pre-need insurance policies specifically designed to cover funeral expenses and ease the financial burden on surviving family members.

What makes Anthyesti so unique?

Most of the other companies provide only one particular service, like hearse vans or repatriation services, but Anthyesti does it. Anthyesti is like an umbrella term when it comes to funeral services.

Did you know that you can now pre-plan your own funeral?

This is for everyone who is living alone or just want to rid their families of the hassles of funeral services after their death.  If you pre-plan your funeral, you can choose your own burial preferences and ceremonies; and if you’re interested in the donation of organs, you can do that as well. From providing funeral services to extra services like will planning, Pre-Planning your Own Funeral For Last Rites preserving memories in form of gifts, digital locker concepts, they make your last journey planned to the last detail.


Funeral packages and preplanning one’s own funeral are crucial measures in guaranteeing the fulfillment of one’s last desires and offering comfort to loved ones during a period of bereavement and sorrow. Through interacting with a variety of service providers, including cemeteries, funeral homes, officiants, and legal counsel, people may carefully specify their wishes and reduce the amount of decision-making that falls on their family.

At Final Rites, we recognize the significance of treating the last stage of life with respect and dignity. By providing thorough Pre-Planning your Own Funeral For Last Rites, we hope to assist people in navigating the difficult process of getting ready for their own goodbyes, providing knowledge, comfort, and understanding at every turn.

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