Five Steps To Pre Plan Your Funeral.

Death of a loved one brings about grief and solitude. Not only this, you are shouldered the responsibility of carrying out the funeral service, with all the emotions playing high on your mind.

Pre planning your funeral saves the family from this grueling task of making last minute elaborate arrangements, which need too many small things to take care of. Planning a funeral comes with too many steps to be followed. Below we list a few steps on how to pre plan a funeral.

Prepare a will- It is very important to prepare a will thereby declaring who the lawful owners of your properties and all other assets would be. In the absence of a will the family may quarrel over the distribution of the assets. The matter may go to a court where a judge will decide on who gets what share from the deceased’s property value. A will is also important because it names an executor, decides the guardians for children, and pardons past debts and more.

Decide beneficiaries- It is important to entitle whoever you wish to be the beneficiary of all your banking transactions, life insurance policies, fund transfers, and shares. Banks also allow account holders to add POD (payable on death) agreements to their savings in the bank. The agreement allows the account transfer, fund transfer,savings bond, and certificates of deposits directly to the beneficiary.

Decide on funeral home- You can plan your funeral in advance by hiring a funeral home who would guide you step by step on how to make the necessary arrangements. It’s your choice whether you want to be buried or cremated. In case of a burial you can choose whether you want an in-ground or above-ground burial. You can decide on the special guests and give the contact details of them to the funeral director so that the director can send them invitations for your funeral ceremony. You can also decide on the type of casket you would want or if your dead body would need embalming or not.

Cemetery arrangement- A funeral home can give you details about the cemeteries as per your religion, location and if there are vacant plots available for you and your family members. After deciding on the cemetery you can pay a visit to check if the grounds are well-maintained and inspect the plot you intend to purchase.

Decide on services- you can pre plan your funeral service by deciding on who the pallbearers would be or choosing a location for the funeral or memorial service. You may also want a funeral service at your home. You may choose readings for the tribute or song for the service .You may also decide on who would deliver eulogies at your funeral service.

With the above points on how to pre arrange a funeral, It goes without saying that pre planning funeral services are beneficial in many ways.It makes the task easier for the surviving members of the family and close friends and relatives.