Dead Body Transport Service In Ahmedabad

Anthyesti’s  Dead Body Transport Service In Ahmedabad  offer compassionate and efficient assistance during the challenging time of losing a loved one. With a commitment to utmost professionalism and sensitivity, we streamline the transportation process from the initial document verification to the final arrangements for a dignified resting place. Our services include prompt body pickup from hospitals or residences, personalized coffin customization, and expert embalming by certified professionals.

Our Inclusive Services:

  •  Direct transportation of the deceased from one location to another
  • Managing hospital paperwork, documentation, and securing necessary clearances
  • Providing essential embalming services required for dead body transport services in Ahmedabad
  • Supplying coffins and urns for a dignified farewell
  •  Coordinating air cargo services for the transportation of deceased individuals, including arrangements for accompanying family members
  •  Offering freezer facilities for overnight storage
  •  Equipping ambulances with freezers for intercity transfers
  •  Facilitating international repatriation services
  •  Conducting custom clearance procedures for deceased individuals imported to Ahmedabad  from other countries.
  • During this challenging period, Anthyesti acknowledges the grief and sorrow of the family, aiming to simplify the process of dead body transportation in Ahmedabad

Dead Body Transport Service In Ahmedabad By Air and Road:

Coping with the loss of a loved one is a challenging time, and managing the necessary responsibilities can be particularly difficult, especially when dealing with the complexities of repatriation, especially to Ahmedabad. Whether you need to return the body to the birthplace in Ahmedabad after the funeral, our team at Anthyesti Customs and Freight is here to provide comprehensive assistance throughout the entire process. From handling paperwork to actual transportation, our dedicated customs team is committed to ensuring a smooth process during this challenging time.

Our dead body transportation service in Ahmedabad cater to various needs, tailored to the preferences of the family or the specific requirements of the deceased. Some of the standard services we offer include:

  1. Ambulance Transportation:
    – Transporting the deceased individual from a hospital or another location to a funeral home or cemetery across Ahmedabad.
  2. Mortuary Van Transportation:
    – Utilizing specialized vehicles designed for the respectful transportation of deceased individuals who have passed away at home or in other locations in Ahmedabad.
  3. Hearse Van Transportation:
    – Providing hearse vehicles and necessary assistance to transfer deceased loved ones to their final resting place, be it a funeral or cremation grounds in Ahmedabad.
  4. Embalming and Preparation:
    – Offering embalming and preparation services to ensure the dignified and respectful transportation of the deceased as a part of dead body transport services in Ahmedabad
  5. International Repatriation:
    – Facilitating the transportation of a deceased individual from one country to another, a service particularly crucial when a person passes away while traveling abroad.
  6. Air Transportation:
    – Arranging air transportation when necessary to transport a deceased individual to a distant location, especially applicable when the deceased needs to be transported to another country or a faraway site.

During this challenging time, Anthyesti Customs and Freight is dedicated to providing compassionate and efficient services to alleviate the burden associated with the transportation of a deceased loved one.

What to do immediately when someone dies in Ahmedabad?

Death is something one can never be prepared for. Especially when our loved ones are concerned, we tend to lose sight of our actions and act based on emotion. But, in case of death, the first concern has to be the preservation of the victim. After calming down our senses, we should ensure that the last rites of the person should be done in a clean and preserved environment. Immediately after death, one needs to contact a dead body transport service in Ahmedabad and get it in a safe place.


Transportation Process Overview of Dead Body Transport Service in Ahmedabad

Here’s a detailed walkthrough of how we assist you in the transportation of your deceased loved ones:

  1. Document Verification:
    – Upon confirming the accuracy of the documents submitted by you, we initiate the transportation process promptly.
  2. Body Pickup:
    – Immediate arrangements are made to pick up the deceased body from either the hospital or residence, ensuring a swift and respectful transfer.
  3. Mode of Transportation:
    – We proceed to book Air Cargo in Ahmedabad with the respective airlines for air transportation, or alternatively, we arrange for an ambulance for ground transportation of the deceased body.
  4. Embalming Process:
    – Our dedicated team, including certified doctors and embalmers, takes the necessary step of embalming the body to prevent decomposition, ensuring the preservation of the deceased.
  5. Coffin Customization:
    – A personalized approach is taken to customize the coffin box, tailored to fit the size of the deceased, and arrangements are made for a Coffin Box Certificate. The specifics of this step are subject to your customs requirements.
  6. Processing Location:
    – Depending on the urgency and specific circumstances, the embalming and coffin box processing may take place either in the registered room in Ahmedabad or within an Advanced Life Ambulance, ensuring flexibility and efficiency.

Throughout this process, Anthyesti is committed to handling each step with the utmost care, professionalism, and sensitivity to provide a seamless experience during this challenging time.

 Transporting dead bodies is a complex process and at times, cities with better access to trains are better suited for train transfers. The entire process of Dead Body Transport Service in Ahmedabad and documentation is similar to that of a plane for train transfers as well. Once approved, one can approach the cargo department of the train which will help put the coffin in the cargo section and accomplish the transfer.

We understand the toll the death of loved one can take and thus we ensure that anyone suffering does not have to go through the ordeal of documentation and processing. Thus, we at Anthyesti are well versed with the process and offer the best dead body transport service. If you are looking for these services, get in touch with us at +91-98833-18181.

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