7 Places For Asthi Visarjan in India

7 Places For Asthi Visarjan in India

The meaning of Asthi is the leftover bone or some gathered remains of dead individuals. Later the last ceremonies are played out, and the remaining parts of the dead individual are gathered; these are generally tied in a piece of material. Anthyesti Funeral Service will help you understand everything about Asthi Visarjan and 7 sacred places for this in India.

Why Asthi Visarjan is Important?

Asthi Visarjan is one of the most significant funeral rituals in the Hindu religion. It should be completed religiously. As per the sacred sagas, the spirit may endure if the Asthi Visarjan isn’t performed after the demise of a person.

What is the Procedure of Asthi Visarjan?

  • Store the dead debris over a mud pot and cover it with a red fabric.
  • While going to Tirthsthal, don’t put the Kalash on the ground.
  • Continuously convey a white dhoti as far as you might be concerned, as to direct the Pooja.

7 Most Sacred Places For Asthi Visargan

  1. Garhmukteshwar: It is also called Mukti-Dham. Asthi Visarjan over Ganga at GarhMukteshwar has staggering convictions in Hindu Mythology. Asthi Visarjan Puja over Garh Ganga is led at Brij ghat next to the bank of Ganga. For the Pujan, it is important to lead the last custom and ceremonies.
  2. Varanasi: Kashi is a holy place known as the land of pilgrimage. Ganga river is located in Kashi, is regarded as one of the holiest rivers. Varanasi has the biggest incineration ground in the world. This is the most famous spot for performing Hindu religious rituals for the early ancestors and departed souls.
  3. Allahabad: Allahabad is known as Prayagraj, and this site is designated for the Hindu religious ritual. You can organise the Asthi Visarjan Ceremony at Allahabad with no issues. Allahabad is viewed as the best spot for Asthi Visarjan.
  4. Haridwar: Known as the Gateway to God, Haridwar is viewed as one of the seven holiest spots in India. Stratched alongside the blessed Ganga, Haridwar is well-known for its sanctuaries and ghats where travellers take baths too.
  5. Ramkund Nashik: The Godavari stream begins from Trimbakeshwar in Nashik. Immersion of the cinders of the people who have passed on in the Asthi Kund adjoining Ramkund in the waterway Godavari at Nashik is considered one of the customs that harmonise the spirit of the spirit of the dead. The Asthi Kund is a little lake neighbouring the Ramkund, viewed as blessed place on earth.
  6. Ujjain: Regarded as one of the greatest Indian cities, Ujjain is a popular pilgrimage spot for Hindu fans. Hindu ceremonies for the ancestors and deceased have been performed along the bank of the holy Shipra river.
  7. Mathura: Situated in Uttar Pradesh, Mathura has forever been one of the most famous places for lovers of Lord Krishna. It is a famous spot for Asthi Visarjan. Being the home of a god, it is run with sightseers during the principal celebrations of Janmashtami and Holi. 


1. What is Asthi Visarjan?

Asthi Visarjan is a Hindu ritual of immersing the mortal remains (ashes) of a deceased person in a sacred water body. It is believed to release the departed soul from the cycle of rebirth and allow it to attain Moksha (liberation).

2. Why is Asthi Visarjan performed?

Asthi Visarjan is performed to honor the deceased and provide spiritual closure to their journey on Earth. It is believed to bring peace to the departed soul and allow it to merge with the divine.

3. Where are the popular places for Asthi Visarjan in India?

Some popular places for Asthi Visarjan in India include:

  • Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Haridwar (Uttarakhand)
  • Rameswaram (Tamil Nadu)
  • Allahabad (Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh)
  • Gaya (Bihar)
  • Nashik (Maharashtra)
  • Pushkar (Rajasthan)

4. What is the significance of these places for Asthi Visarjan?

These places hold significance in Hindu mythology and tradition. Immersing the ashes in the sacred waters of these locations is believed to facilitate the soul’s journey to the afterlife and grant it blessings from the divine.


We hope that you have now come to know the 7 hilliest places where you can perform Asthi Visarjan ritual. Our company can help you with funeral arrangements in Bangalore, Mathura, Ujjain and all places in India. We offer every one of the important types of assistance for Asthi Visarjan. Our funeral service provider will help you execute the Asthi Visarjan organizations at the Holy Water by aiding you in picking the fitting Pandit, Samagri, and Puja, similarly as ensuring your comfort.

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