What are the Important Tasks to be Completed After a Loved One’s Death?

What are the Important Tasks to be Completed After a Loved One’s Death? After a loved one’s passing, there are numerous practical tasks to address amidst emotional turmoil. In Hindu tradition, anthyesti rites signify the final journey of the departed soul, requiring careful attention and sensitivity. From legal formalities to funeral arrangements, each step honors the departed and supports grieving family members. This introduction explores the essential tasks following a loved one’s death, focusing on anthyesti ceremonies in Hindu culture, to ensure a meaningful farewell and comfort for those left behind.

We know how terrible it feels to lose someone so close to us, right? But what can we do? Unexpected things happen, and death is not in our hands. So, if you are the one who is in charge of the funeral, what should you do? It’s quite stressful in such circumstances now. What are the important tasks to complete after your loved one’s death?

Checklist to Follow After Your Loved One Passes Away

Though most of the tasks are completed by the people who do the funeral business, there are many more that should be completed by family or friends. 

  • Dead body transportation: Death happens at any time. Either on the hospital bed or in a sudden accident could lead to death. It could be in your hometown or a foreign land. Firstly, the body must be transported to the hospital to be examined by the medical examiner.

Then, the body must be brought to the home or to a funeral service provider if you need one. Anthyesti can offer the best funeral services. From arranging a van to transport the body to crematorium services, arranging funeral services, priests, etc., we take care of everything. 

  • Taking care of the body: Ensure you keep the body cold until it reaches a cold temperature. Once you bring the body to the funeral home, clean and dress it well. Refrigerate the body until the day of the funeral. Keep the body under refrigeration until the day of the funeral. After family, relatives, and friends pay their respects, you can arrange the funeral.

If you need expert services to help you store the body for a couple of days because your family had to come from abroad, we provide the best services to keep your body cold and the surroundings hygienic.

  • Filing the death certificate: Firstly, a form that declares the death of the person must be filled out. A medical practitioner writes the death certificate. The family member must fill out the required details in the form and specify the reason for the death. Along with the paperwork, they receive a funeral permission form for approval. Subsequently, the authorities release the death certificate.

Apart from that, you can arrange for other funeral-related services to complete the process. If you need any assistance, Anthyesti is here to support you. We have a complete package of services to cater to your needs. Whatever the type of funeral, we can assist you in completing it.


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