Immortalizing a Mortal Being with the Last Rites

Are you worried about making necessary arrangements for the death ceremony of your closed one? This pandemic has been teaching us the value of togetherness. However, losing someone special always creates a void in our lives. It is the family members or the friends who perform their duties during the last rites of the deceased person. Making arrangements for the funeral ceremony during this situation is difficult but not impossible. It is the case when you have a dedicated company that helps you to take the responsibilities with ease.

The tradition of Making Humans a Mortal Memory

Irrespective of the religion, each ethnic group in India have their customs and traditions related to death. The funeral ceremony is a way to pay tribute to the deceased soul for the last time. The funeral or the death ceremony begins with a series of events in the amalgamation of rituals. The Hindu death ceremony rituals comprise several aspects, starting with the association of white flowers to chanting holy phrases by the priest. The dead body finds its place at the defined funeral site adorned with white flowers and garlands. It is the place where the last rite rituals fall in place within few days of death. However, there is a fine line between the funeral ceremony and the death ceremonial services and the memorial services. A memorial service is also a form of tribute to the deceased soul. However, a memorial service does not require the body of the deceased individual to be present. The memorial service usually occurs after a certain period post-death. It is a way to memorize the deceased person with a photograph or any other belonging.

There are various types of cremation services that take place. One is the immediate disposition service that ensures the occurrence of the death ceremonies soon after the death occurs. Another type of disposition is delayed disposition. People usually prefer the delayed type when the family members stay far away from the deceased person. The family members might require some time to reach the destination and, the body remains under preservation for a definite period. The funeral rituals can begin soon after the family members reach the funeral site.

Things to Do When a Person Leaves the World

Take the First Step- The first thing to do when you find out about a deceased person is to make immediate phone calls. The calls should go to the house of the appropriate parties followed by the family members. The dead body is the first thing that should move from its death site to the funeral site via a proper carrier van.

Confirm Secondary Arrangements– After confirming the death of a person, the next important thing to do is to confirm the particular dead body carrier van to carry the body safely and hassle-free. You can have a proper conversation with the funeral director and make necessary arrangements.

It is the funeral director who can guide you with all the necessary things required at the funeral. He can arrange for the priest to proceed the session along with the white flowers for the purpose. They ensure to carry out the arrangements of the death ceremony perfectly.