Flipping the Events of Life With a Hearse Carrier!

 Life and death are two sides of the same coin Flipping the Events of Life With a Hearse Carrier! death being an inevitable part of our lives that can affect us and our loved ones deeply. Life is busy in Kolkata, and people here strive to maintain a balance between their grief and contentment. Whenever a person loses someone close to him, he is entitled to all responsibilities. It includes the arrangement of a hearse van.

Turning life’s events around, Anthyesti converts what might seem daunting and overwhelming into a time of peace and contemplation. Flipping the Events of Life With a Hearse Carrier! Once entrusted with the arrangements, Anthyesti’s devoted professionals shoulder the responsibility of meticulously managing every aspect of the funeral process with the utmost care and attention to detail.

What is a Hearse Van?

It is a specific vehicle or automobile that is designed in a way to carry dead bodies in it. Flipping the Events of Life With a Hearse Carrier! The hearse vans possess the looks of a usual van but have a different role to play. On one side, automobiles like buses, cars, and vans carry human passengers. The hearse vans carry lifeless bodies from government hospitals or the morgue. The hearse vans often carry the dead bodies to their destination, which is the funeral site or any other place as per the family members.

A Short History Behind the Hearse Vans

  • The name of the hearse vans came from the French word ‘hearse‘. It describes a framework of metal and wood with support. There are some spike-like structures along the sides of the van. It is there for holding candles or flower sticks.
  • Horses drew the hearse vans in the past. Flipping the Events of Life With a Hearse Carrier! Because of the weight of the dead body, the net mass of the hearse vans increased. During the era of industrialization, there were many improvisations in the horse-drawn hearse vans too. The electric engine slowly replaced the horse-drawn hearse vans and became an advanced alternative to the ancient methods of carrying dead bodies. The bodies of the deceased find their place in the hearse vans and finally reach the funeral site. One or two family members can accompany the deceased in the hearse vans.
  • Nowadays, the hearse vans are also air-conditioned so that the bodies inside them remain in proper condition. Flipping the Events of Life With a Hearse Carrier! There are situations when the family members of the deceased stay far away from the country. However, they wish to be present during the last rites of their loved ones. It becomes necessary to preserve the body for a specific time interval. The hearse vans are helpful in such situations.

There are two varieties of this dead-body-carrying vehicle. Flipping the Events of Life With a Hearse Carrier! One type of hearse van is one that has an opaque rear anterior portion. The visibility of the dead body inside is rarely visible. It maintains the privacy of the deceased soul inside. In another type of hearse van, there are small pillars and glass all around. The rear portion of the vehicle has wide glass panes. It reveals the part of the deceased body inside the van.

Although there are many unique features and advantages associated with the hearse van , Flipping the Events of Life With a Hearse Carrier! their cost-effectiveness makes them a popular choice.

In conclusion,

Anthyesti Funeral Services embodies a transformative approach to honoring life’s transitions with dignity and respect. By providing compassionate care, personalized attention, and professional support, Anthyesti ensures that the journey from life to death is marked by tranquility and reverence. Through their dedicated team and commitment to excellence, Anthyesti flips the events of life, turning what could be a daunting experience into a moment of solace and reflection for families in their time of need. Ultimately, Anthyesti’s hearse carrier symbolizes more than just transportation; it represents the solemnity and importance of the final journey, leaving behind a legacy of comfort and compassion for those who mourn.

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