Making the Last Rite a Memorable One

Making funeral arrangements when death is Imminent is painful for loved ones. It is a heart-wrenching emotion for the ones who are directly or indirectly attached to the deceased person. The funeral services require lots of arrangements and demand proper execution as per the Indian tradition and culture. Making funeral arrangements is a very hectic job for the family members who are often busy mourning over the loss of their near ones. The new generation believes in the hassle-free execution of funeral arrangements in a short time.

This requires the involvement of a company that deals with the funeral arrangements. The company takes the entire responsibility of all the necessary arrangements required for the deceased’s funeral to take place. They make all the arrangements with superior quality materials and comply with Indian traditions. One need not take any tension regarding the smooth arrangement of funeral things.

In busy cities like Bangalore, sticking to tradition and making funeral arrangements is a tough job indeed. To ease the trouble, free and cheap funeral services are available in Bangalore. One should only choose Bangalore’s best funeral services.

Identity of the Funeral Service

A funeral ceremony is the last token of the memory of a deceased person. This ceremony is usually held by the family members of the deceased ones within a week of the occurrence of the incident. Traditionally, a Priest is the one who proceeds the session by chanting holy prayers. This is also a form of tribute offered to the deceased ones by their family members.

Forms of Funeral services:

  • Immediate Cremation– This is the form of funeral services that involves the direct cremation of the deceased ones after the incident. The body of the deceased is usually cremated in a proper way abiding by the traditions.
  • Disposition in Delayed form- This is a type of disposition method that is carried out 2-3 days post-death. This also comprises preserving the bodies of the deceased person by the carrier vans, helpers in the funeral, and priests to make necessary arrangements on time.
  • Planned Funeral This comprises of detailed planning of all the funeral arrangements by the respective companies offering funeral services in a hassle-free way. This not only saves time but also relieves the stress from the family members of the deceased ones.

Location of the Funeral Services:

The last rites of the deceased ones are usually carried out at home. In other ways, it can also be carried out at any religious location or a banquet hall as per the requirements of the family members. The rituals begin with covering the body with a white shroud and covered in garlands made of white flowers. White flowers are also offered at the feet of the deceased one as a form of respect. Incense sticks are burned in the room along with lighting up candles with the rituals supervised by a Hindu priest.

Performing last rites of a loved one is painful and hectic. The funeral services Bangalore make it hassle-free and affordable. They make sure to make arrangements keeping the tradition in mind.