Three Harsh Realities of Providing Ambulance Service in Times of Covid-19

Three Harsh Realities of Providing Ambulance Service in Times of Covid-19

We have been providing dead body ambulance services for quite some time now. But providing dead body ambulance services during COVID-19 has been a very different experience.

The driver who carries the patients to the hospital from home and sometimes even brings dead bodies of COVID patients from the hospital are at the highest risk of catching the virus.

Yet they do their duty very diligently. A group representing funeral providers in the USA said that funeral workers provide a very critical service and are at a high risk of exposure to the coronavirus.

The dead body ambulance drivers have to face the following challenges

Driving with PPE kits: No matter what time of day it is or how hot the weather, the drivers have to wear the personal protective equipment to protect themselves from the coronavirus infection. It is not an easy task to navigate your way through the city traffic wearing the PPE gear and drive the patient as early as possible to the hospital.

Working under pressure to reduce response time

As the cases are mounting by the day, and the state governments are stating that the response time of the ambulance is critical, the drivers are working under a lot of pressure.

According to the Government, getting the patients to hospitals on time is very critical in limiting the death rates.

At the end of June, at a meeting that the center held with states, it was recognized that the time taken for patients to reach the hospital and call the refusal rate of the ambulance was critical in keeping the death rate low.

Face difficulty when hospitals refuse admission: When hospitals refuse to admit the patient, then these drivers do not know what to do.  Often the family of the patients takes them from hospital to hospital. Now they are also learning and keeping significant contact numbers with them where they call the designated persons to get information about the hospital where the beds may be available. Especially in Delhi.

These drivers are the unsung heroes of this war that humanity is fighting with coronavirus. They are also the backbone of the dead body ambulance services at Anthyesti.

We at Anthyesti Salute their spirit and commitment to perform their duty amidst all odds.

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