Wooden Cremation Services in Bangalore | How It is Changing the Funeral Industry

Wooden Cremation Services in Bangalore As widely recognized, cremation service as the final disposition of the body, offering an alternative to burial commonly observed in post-funeral rites for Anthyesti Funeral Services. Introduced or reintroduced globally in the 19th century, cremation is now predominantly conducted in modern crematoriums using closed furnaces known as cremators.

While Electric Crematoriums are experiencing growing popularity worldwide, some families still adhere to traditional practices aligned with their religious and cultural beliefs.

Wooden Crematoriums: What Are They?

Wooden crematoriums entail the cremation process involving the burning of the deceased using materials such as firewood, cow dung cakes, kerosene, and other substances as dictated by the preferences and beliefs of the deceased’s relatives.

What Makes Wooden Cremation Beneficial?

Cremation has been a preferred method of disposing of dead bodies in Hindu culture, attributed to the symbolism associated with Agni, the god of fire. Agni symbolizes the connection between the material and spiritual realms, the visible and invisible, the known and unknown, and serves as a messenger between humans and deities.

Additionally, cremation serves to instill a sense of detachment in the departing soul, urging it to move forward rather than linger around loved ones in the afterlife.

Furthermore, Hindus opt for cremation out of respect for the deceased, avoiding the exposure of bodies to vultures and other animals, thus ensuring a dignified farewell.

Bangalore’s wooden crematoriums: How | The Process

The final rites are typically concluded within a day of the individual’s passing.

While customs may differ across sects, the usual procedure involves washing the deceased’s body, enshrouding it in white fabric, binding the big toes together with a cord, and applying a Tilak (a red, yellow, or white mark) on the forehead.

Subsequently, the deceased adult’s body is conveyed to the cremation site, typically located near a river or body of water, by relatives and companions. There, it is positioned on a funeral pyre with the feet directed towards the south.

The eldest son, a male mourner, or a designated priest, known as the lead cremator or lead mourner, initiates the cremation ceremony after purifying himself through a ritual bath.

He proceeds to encircle the dry wood pyre with the deceased’s body, delivering a eulogy or reciting a hymn, placing sesame seeds or rice in the deceased’s mouth, and anointing both the body and the pyre with ghee (clarified butter). Subsequently, he draws three lines representing Yama (the deity of the dead), Kala (time, a deity associated with cremation), and the deceased.

Before igniting the pyre, an earthen pot filled with water is circled around the body by the lead mourner, who then shatters the pot near the head by tossing it over his shoulder.

Once the pyre is ignited, the lead mourner and immediate relatives may circumambulate the burning pyre one or more times.

The ceremony culminates with the lead cremator performing the kapala kriya, also known as the ritual of piercing the burning skull with a stave (bamboo fire poker) to create a hole or break it, symbolizing the release of the spirit.

How It is Changing the Funeral Industry

The wooden cremation services in Bangalore provide end-to-end facilitation for cremations using sustainably sourced wood. They handle all the legal paperwork and liaise with the local crematoriums on behalf of the families. The ethical wood is delivered to the crematorium in the quantity needed for a respectful cremation according to Hindu traditions.

Many companies providing wooden cremation services also plant a tree in the name of the deceased as a memoriam. This promotes environmental consciousness regarding cremations and also provides emotional comfort to the grieving family.

Wooden cremations are more economical, causing savings of 50% or more compared to regular cremations. They also reduce the waiting time for cremations as the wood is readily available. The eco-friendly services align with the sensibilities of modern citizens and are gaining popularity.

Some leading companies offering wooden cremation services in Bangalore include Anthyesti Funeral Services, Mokshda Green Cremation System and Pure Living. They are professional organizations that handle all aspects of ethical and dignified wooden cremations.

In conclusion,

The rise of wooden cremation services in Bangalore reflects a significant shift towards sustainability in the funeral industry. These services, utilizing renewable wood sources, reduce the carbon footprint and promote environmental awareness. They offer dignified, convenient farewells while highlighting modern consumers’ ecological consciousness.

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