Baner Hindu Crematorium

Baner Hindu Crematorium: Paying Tribute to Death with Honor

The holy Baner Hindu Crematorium in Pune is devoted to respecting lost relatives and assisting families in carrying out funeral ceremonies for their departed loved ones in a dignified manner. It required to Hindu families in Maharashtra and the neighboring areas and is situated in the Baner neighborhood, close to the Mumbai-Pune Highway.

Grounds and Facilities

The cremation grounds occupy five acres and consist of two incinerators located in the main building where Hindu cremations are performed. There is more than enough parking to handle guests arriving for cremations.

The grounds also have an administration office, covered walkways leading to the cremation, and covered waiting rooms. 

Management and Employees

A committed group of people oversees the institution to help grieving families cope with their terrible loss. The personnel have expertise in planning all the necessary arrangements and carrying out the final ceremonies in compliance with family preferences and schedules.

The administration handles the necessary documentation for permissions related to body cremation and transportation. They provide families gentle guidance throughout the process, ensure that pandits can sing the proper mantras, and offer information on all processes. Throughout the ceremonies, the staff is always on hand to address questions and provide families with physical and emotional support. 

Variety of Funeral Services Provided

The committed staff at Anthyesti handles every ceremony with consideration and empathy. They provide:

  1. Compassionate Transfer Service: We provide a compassionate transfer service for the deceased from the place of death to the family’s designated funeral home or cremation. In addition to taking care of the paperwork, they offer bereaved family members emotional support while in transit.
  2. Expert Funeral Services: Qualified morticians at the funeral home meticulously prepare the body by accordance with the family’s beliefs, traditions, and desires. This might include embalming for the last viewing and ceremonial washing and dressing.
  3. Full Funeral Ritual Planning: According to the requirements of the family, Anthyesti plans the entire funeral at Baner Crematorium through: 
  • Full preparation of all materials needed for the last ceremonies and rituals, Samagri for Antim Sanskaar
  • Pandit, Dasappa, and knowledgeable and flexible priests who provide general instruction on customs and procedures.
  • Adaptable choices for both electric cremation and wood pyre services are available twenty-four hours a day.
  • A certified physician on call to provide the FORM 4 certificate of death at the home
  • Depending on your assistance and preferences, Burial services can be provided throughout several places, including Kashi, Prayagraj, Haridwar, Gokarna, Rameshwaram, etc.
  • Corpse Body Transportation across locations guarantees timely delivery right to your home.
  • Dead Body Transportation inside the city using a hearse, ambulance, or mortuary vehicle, as needed, decorated appropriately. 
  • To preserve the body or remains or decay overnight, use a freezer box.
  • Making arrangements for cremation and obtaining death certificates from the government.
  • Shraadh, the twelve-day, thirteen-day, and monthly ceremonies and made for the afterlife
  • Funeral services are available across the country and use several languages to express love and respect.

Forward-thinking Establishments for Dignified Cremation

Through the integration of the well-planned and contemporary Baner Hindu Crematorium premises with the all-inclusive funeral services offered by Anthyesti, families may now perform cremation rituals with respect and efficiency. By providing appropriate funeral rites for their loved one, this facilitator helps family find some degree of comfort during a time of severe loss. 


1. What are the operating hours of the Baner Hindu Crematorium?

The Baner Hindu Crematorium typically operates from early morning until late evening, allowing families to conduct cremation ceremonies during convenient hours. However, it’s advisable to contact the crematorium directly for precise timings, as they may vary.

2. Is the Baner Hindu Crematorium open to people of all Hindu denominations?

Yes, the Baner Hindu Crematorium is open to people of all Hindu denominations and communities. Whether one follows Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Shaktism, or any other sect within Hinduism, the crematorium provides services by Hindu traditions and customs.

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