Anthima Yatra Service

Recognizing Death, Respecting Life: Anthima Yatra Service

Anthima yatra service is bereaving someone you love is challenging. Making funeral plans should be the last thing on your mind at a time of loss. We provide our Anthima yatra service to compassionately and carefully advise you. 

What we offer 

Our anthima yatra service offers comprehensive assistance for funeral ceremonies in line with Hindu traditions. An outline of our offerings is provided below: 

  1. Services for Transportation: We take care of the delicate transfer of the deceased’s bodily remains to the cemetery or cremation location. During this voyage, the departed is treated with the highest decency and respect by our professional staff and private ambulances.
  2. Services for Cremation: By Hindu tradition, we arrange cremation at the closest accredited crematorium. This includes scheduling a cremation time, supplying the tangibles required for the rites, helping family members through the cremation procedure, and gathering the ashes.
  3. Services for Immersion: In keeping with family requests, we also help with the ultimate pouring of ashes at sacred locations. This might entail bringing family members along to the immersion ceremony.
  4. Arrangements for a Funeral Pyre: We may arrange for the building of the pyre in authorized burning ghats if you prefer customary funeral pyre ceremonies. We get wood for burning and other ingredients for the bonfire.
  5. Pachagavyam Ceremonies: As instructed by the Vedic tradition, we can arrange for Hindu priests to perform significant Panchagavyam rites utilizing a combination of five auspicious items.
  6. Rituals of Prayer After Death: When necessary, we can make arrangements for Hindu priests to perform significant post-death prayer ceremonies to support grieving family members during their time of grief.
  7. Compiling Records: We help family members with the administrative work associated with death certificates and permissions as well as gathering the paperwork required for cremation. 

Anthyesti Mission: Lifting Weights in Tough Times

It’s common to celebrate a life after losing a loved one. By removing obstacles and enabling you to find closure, we hope that our anthima yatra service would be beneficial in helping you do precisely that. If you need help arranging funeral service to celebrate the life of a particular someone, please get in touch. We are here to you at this difficult time to listen and offer guidance.  

Requirements :

  • The deceased person’s passport, voter card, or AADHAR card.
  • FORM 4A, properly signed by an authorized physician and bearing a registration number, in the event of a natural death at home.
  • For hospital death police, use FORM 4 or the Death Summary. If the death is unnatural, there is a post-mortem report summary and no objection certificate.
  • Confirmation of Crematorium Slot Reservation. 


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