Transport a body from Singapore to India

It can be a great loss to lose a loved one. If the person who has passed away lives in a foreign land, then the Funeral repatriation can become difficult. If a near and dear one has passed away abroad then it can be a difficult task to transport the dead body back to your country. In this guide, we will help you to figure out how to transport the body from Singapore to India. 

Air transport service of dead body

Most airlines allow the deceased’s family members to transport their bodies from abroad. If you want to transport the dead body by air, then you will have to take the air transport service. It is important to take to a funeral director. He will help you to get in touch with a transport company that specializes in air transport service of dead bodies. Many funeral homes are approved and provide you with efficient and reliable services.

It is important to get the No Objection certificate from the police authority of Singapore. Once they approve then you can transport the dead body right away. If a family member is accompanying the dead body, then you will have to show a confirmed ticket of your departure. The body of the deceased is transported in a coffin box. You will have to issue a cargo ticket for the dead body to transport it by air.

How to migrate your beloved from Singapore?

When your loved ones die in Singapore then you will have to consider one of the two possibilities. You can either hold a memorial service in Singapore or transport your body back to your homeland. 

If you transport the body from Singapore, then you will have to complete the paperwork. The cost of the transportation of the body will depend on the distance of Singapore from your destination country. You will require the following documents to transport the dead body from Singapore. 

  • Death Certificate issued by Singapore 
  • Sealing Certificate for the coffin of the dead body
  • Embalming Certificate
  • The export permit of the Coffin from Singapore
  • Air Waybill if you are transporting the body by air

You will have to get the documents certified by a consular official in Singapore. It is important to complete all the paperwork and procedures as this will help you to transport the dead body securely. 

Required documents for the transportation of body to India

The following are the list of documents that you will require to transport a dead body from Singapore to India. 

  • Original copies of the death certificate
  • Original copies of the embalming certificate
  • Certificate issued by the Ministry of Health’s Directorate. The certificate should allow the transportation of the body
  • An official letter from the sponsor to request the body be transported to India  
  • The original passport of the deceased 
  • Two photocopies of the visa page
  • Two photocopies of the person accompanying the dead body
  • The person who is accompanying the dead body should be present during the registration process
  • A Confirmation air ticket for the airline that has been reserved.