Six Stories In The Frame Of Shibu-Nandita, ‘’ Coming.

Sandipta Bhanj: How will I be bid farewell after forever loving a person ? Many people turn to such questions. Someone or someone wants something of their own. Whoever wants to go to the grandchildren or grandchildren or children. After the death, the funeral is done at the will of the person concerned. Many again seek the help of a funeral planner to implement the plan. In the current language, known as the ‘Funeral Planner’. Likewise, Tollywood directors Shibo Prasad Mukherjee and Nandita Roy are going to make a film in the back of the life story of a funeral planner. The name of the picture is ‘’.

Wedding planner, Birthday planner or any kind of event planner has become quite familiar in our society. Time is less in busy life. So the event planners have to work with the money. One such profession is ‘Funeral Planner’. Who plans the funeral. How did the idea of ​​making such a picture come to Shibu-Nandita’s head? Informed the director himself. They thought of creating ‘’, inspired by the activities of a female funeral planner named Shruthi Reddy. Done with the screenplay.

This is such an offbeat profession. Work out of bounded thinking. In addition, the ‘Funeral Planner’ is a woman behind the profession. Actually, it was not easy at all to Shruthi Reddy, surely that can be seen! Because in our society, girls do not have the end of the hiccup when they walk against the stream. How is Shruthi Reddy the ‘Funeral Planner’? Shibu-Nandita will highlight that story on screen. On Wednesday announced their new picture. Who is the main character? Directors are reluctant to open their mouths with casting. There are comic elements in the film along with the harsh realities.

Tollywood’s director Shiboprasad-Nandita means a slow documentary depicting the trajectory of everyday life. Strictly real in the frame. So, the good gift that awaits the audience is undoubtedly true. Last year, the two directors released the two films ‘Kantho’ and ‘Gothro ‘. When the ‘voice’ reminds the viewer how important the voice of one’s voice is in the life of the sixth, as well, the ‘tribe’ poses the question in the present context, is there really a separate ‘tribe’ in the flesh? Shouldn’t have? Those two pictures have garnered huge response at the box office. This time the director is going to give the audience another taste of the film ‘’.


  • Shibu-Nandita Thought Of Creating A ‘’ Inspired By The Activities Of A Woman Funeral Planner Named Shruthi Reddy.
  • There Are Comic Elements In The Film Along With The Harsh Realities.
  • How Is Shruthi Reddy The ‘Funeral Planner’? Shibu-Nandita Will Highlight That Story On Screen.

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