On the Way to a Win, With Compassion

Innopreneurs is a yearly contest launched by Lemon Ideas for Indian Entrepreneurs. It is a nation-wide contest that encourages entrepreneurs to share innovative ideas and concepts with others.

Anthyesti has partnered with Pramod, the founder of Last Ripple and has taken part in the Innopreneurs- Start-up Contest 2019. We have, as a team, presented our idea titled Last Ripple at the event.

We are excited to announce that our entry has been selected for the Nagpur Final Round that will be held on 19th January 2020.

We were first shortlisted for a pitch during the Bangalore Regional Round that took place on 27th December 2019. The presentation by our team during the semi-final round was applauded, and we were shortlisted for the Nagpur National Round.

Anthyesti was founded by Ms. Shruthi Reddy with an intention to assist grieving families to conduct the last rites and unreal services of their loved ones. We have been handling international body transportation and providing various services for conducting the last rites of a person.

Anthyesti has many branches throughout the country and has been gaining prominence for being efficient and compassionate during tough times. We aim to change the way people look at death and memories. Our partnership with Pramod, the founder of Last Ripple is for the same cause of giving a new life to the dead by using their ashes to plant a tree.

Ms. Reddy has always been a woman of substance, and she is yet again intent on making a difference. We hope that the grieving families find solace with our novel idea of rebirth.

We wish our leader and her team success for the Final Round.

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