Five Reasons Why You Should Plan a Funeral in Advance.

Death as we all know is inevitable. Sometimes death can be sudden and unexpected or it could be a result of prolonged illness. With death comes the responsibility of arranging a funeral service for the deceased. A funeral service can be a simple one which can be conducted by you or an elaborate one depending on the wishes of the deceased and his family members and friends for which you can hire a funeral home. Below we look into five reasons why should you pre plan your funeral?

Cost-effective-A funeral service requires elaborate arrangements to be made and is very expensive. Not everyone can bear the expenses of the funeral service at one go. If you plan a funeral service in advance you can pay off the cost in install ments and some funeral home providers also give discounts when you plan a funeral service in advance. Therefore planning a funeral service in advance eases the financial burden on family members.

Make your choices- We may want our final journey of life to be a memorable one. When you pre arrange your funeral or a memorial service you can get things done the way you want. You can choose the type of coffin casket that you want or the transportation to be used while taking the body to the burial spot. You can choose the right funeral home who would conduct your funeral or memorial service. Therefore, when you plan a funeral in advance you may fulfil all your last wishes.

Hassle-free- When you plan a funeral in advance everything is well sorted out unlike a last minute funeral planning made at the time of death, by surviving family members and friends.Planning a funeral service in advance ensures a step by step methodical way and you can focus on every small detail carefully. An unplanned funeral service held soon after the death of a family member can involve too many intricacies and you may overlook on some important factors due to shortage of time.

Reduce stress on family- Death is a period of great bereavement and stress for family and friends. If a funeral is planned in advance you can reduce the stress of friends and family and let the grieving period be easy for them.

A perfect farewell- When you plan your funeral in advance you let the surviving members of the family,friends and colleagues focus more on your final journey.They can reminiscence and reflect upon all the good times spent with you. Moreover it is difficult to honour the life of the loved one with a fitting tribute if the funeral service is not planned in advance.

With all the benefits of a funeral pre planning stated above, you must plan your funeral in advance as it goes to show that you care about your family even after you are no more and it will be appreciated by them for all their lives.