Choose a Perfect Car for the Last Journey for the Deceased.

A funeral is a means to honour the deceased person’s life by conducting a proper funeral service. A funeral is held not only to respect the dead but also to comfort and provide support and condolence to the family and close friends of the deceased. People who mourn for the dead come together and comfort each other. The customs and rituals performed during and after the funeral are based on the deceased person’s religion.

All the rituals and chores are arduous for one person to handle. Mourning for the deceased and bidding a farewell is only very difficult to cope with for the family.And, because funeral services rely on transportation to carry visitors and the dead from one location to another, they are an essential factor to consider when planning a funeral for a loved one.This offers family and friends a lot of options like different types of hearses, vans, cars, etc. And, in terms of funeral transport, with so many different options to choose from, the possibilities are almost endless.

  1. First Call Cars – If you don’t have the time to grieve, you’d start the process of transport as soon as you’re allowed to have the body. In such a case, you’ll need an immediate funeral vehicle. People who travel from abroad are urgently booking the funeral car for conducting their loved ones’ last rite.When you make a call through the phone, it will arrive on time, but instead of a traditional funeral vehicle, it would be a regular car.Today minivans are the vehicles commonly used for this service. While some funeral homes will use the hearse for these initial pickups, providing cars for first calls and utilizing the hearse only for funeral purposes will eliminate wear on hearses and make the first call process more discreet.
  2. Hearse car – You can book hearse vans for the funeral as it is now adapted to hold coffins and caskets as opposed to the first call. You can book a comfortable or fancy car to honour a deceased member of your family. You can book the modal as you wish.If your family goes with the body finding a vehicle that can fit everyone. Instead of one, you can book two cars too. Traditionally the carriage used to carry the buggies on the back of the coffin.
  3. Floral Car – These are cars with an open back (cargo area) containing the coffins along with flowers that were common in western society.It can also have a photo of the person who died. The cost of buying flowers on the entire back cover is higher because flower cars aren’t an affordable option and are rarely seen these days.
  4. Combination cars– It features a hearse vehicle as well as a mortuary. It contains medical equipment, a freezer for dead bodies, etc.The styles, shapes, and sizes in which cars are available for the funeral are evolving with the changing taste of the people.

There are more types of funeral cars available these days to honour the last journey of the deceased person.