Thanatophobia – Important Things to Know About Fear Of Death

Thanatophobia is a form of fear. This is commonly called the panic of death. Many, if not most, people are afraid to die, while others are afraid of real demonstrations.

Important Things About Fear of Death

Suppose fear is so prevalent that it affects your daily routine, so it means that you have a complete phobia. In addition, Thanatophobia is extremely anxious about death or passing on. This is usually a complex fear.

Is Thanatophobia a Psychological Sickness?

The American Psychiatric Association does not acknowledge the status of Thanatophobia. But the anxiety that can be caused by this fear is often due to general anxiety. Symptoms and side effects of Thanatophobia include nervousness.

What is End-of-Life Anxiety?

Assuming you have at any point focused on a friend or family member going through hospice, you realize how restless and anxious they can get. It’s alluded to as terminal fretfulness, terminal disturbance, or terminal insanity, a disorder that can happen close to the end of life.

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Thanatophobia


Thanatophobia symptoms may not be available constantly. Because the fact is that you may see signs and side effects of this fear when you begin to contemplate your death or the passing of a friend or family member. The most widely recognized indication of this mental condition is anxiety. Other symptoms include:

1. Thinking about death or the method of death

2. Panic attacks cause dizziness, hot flushes, and a raised pulse

3. Feeling like suffocating.

4. Finding ways to stay young

5. Failure to distinguish fantasy from reality.

Diagnosing: Clinically Thanatophobia isn’t a predictable condition. Doctors cannot diagnose this because there are no tests that can help find symptoms. But the symptoms list helps the doctor to understand what you’re feeling.

How to overcome Fear of Death?

How do you overcome the fear of death? We have curated 4 effective way through which you can overcome the fear of death.

1. Psychotherapy: In psychotherapy, a psychotherapist helps patient express the fear of death through talking. These professionals help people find out the cause of their fear and develop plans to handle anxieties that occur during the day.

2. Medication: If people use medicines with psychotherapy, they are often more effective. Medications help relieve feelings of anxiety and stress temporarily, but continuously the use of these medications is not an ideal solution. But in therapy, we can get long-term relief from fear.

3. Discover Spirituality: Numerous studies have shown that people with strong faith and belief systems are less afraid of death or dying fear. So, death is a natural process that should accept this fact.

4. Relaxation Technique:

● Do deep breathing exercises

● Considering the items in the room

● Avoid alcohol and caffeine

● Taking a good night’s sleep


Fear of death is a trivial matter, but when this fear takes over our lives, it affects not only us but also our loved ones. It is therefore important to contact professional therapists to help you fight fear and accept the fact that death and dying is a natural, universal process.

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